Acclaimed play denouncing abuse comes to Fairfield Halls

By - Tuesday 4th August, 2015

Following a sold-out 2014 national tour, actress, writer, poet and entrepreneur Tonya Joy Bolton will bring her one-woman theatre show, ‘Holy and Horny’, to the Fairfield Halls, Croydon, on Friday 8th October.

Image by Tonya Joy Bolton, used with permission,

Release begins: ‘Holy and Horny’ is an 80-minute-one-woman-show written and acted by incredibly talented Tonya Joy Bolton. The play blends successfully different art forms such as comedy, poetry, drama, and song. Gifted with exuberant energy, Bolton plays 20 characters gliding effortlessly from one to another (one forgets it’s just her on stage!).

She’s in turn disarmingly naïve Sheila, a good Christian striving for holiness; her alter-ego, sensual exhibitionist Eve; an old motherly woman who looks like a tramp and turns out to be Wisdom; Sheila’s hilarious cousin Marcia; her good-for-nothing boyfriend Gary; the Church’s gossipy community; and fiery Preacher Prophet (Profit) Webster (‘for a mere 400 dollars I’ll pray for your soul’)…

The action’s background is a bigoted and puritanical Church humorously called ‘Cavalry Way’. Many themes emerge – travelling far beyond the play’s initial setting – such as ‘if God has given us a body able to experience deep pleasure, why should it be repressed?’; ‘what does it take for a woman to be truly emancipated?’ and ‘the importance of selfconfidence and self-reliance’; the elderly tramp warns Sheila, ‘Girl don’t ever compare yourself to others…’ /continued… In response to Cavalry Way’s steely morals, Sheila’s liberated alter-ego Eve and her cousin Marcia exalt the wonders of the body, the first with poetic grace, the second with often hilarious humour. They also encourage Sheila to get to know her body without being ashamed of it. This awareness is a first step towards learning to respect one’s body and get others to respect it in turn.

In order to bury her past deep, Sheila decides to forgive those who have hurt her: ‘Revenge is killing me faster than cancer, forgiveness is the only answer’. Instead, she leaves Wisdom to take care of them. And with towering strength she bravely seizes the helm of her life, “I can’t change the past/ But I’m moving on at long last/ I refuse to be a victim/ From now on I challenge the system./ I’m letting go of the hurt and shame./ The perpetrators are the ones to blame…/The past has no power over me/ From now on I choose my own destiny.”

Tickets for ‘Holy and Horny are available here.

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