Boxpark Croydon launch event announced for Thursday 23rd July

By - Friday 17th July, 2015

The team behind Boxpark Shoreditch has announced a presentation of its plans to deliver Boxpark Croydon on a site alongside East Croydon station. 

Photo by Croydon Council, used with permission.

Release begins: In the beginning there was Boxpark Shoreditch – the world’s first pop-up mall.The brainchild of Roger Wade, creator of British Streetwear brand Boxfresh, Boxpark grew out of his love for the raw power of industrial architecture and his passion for independent brands, which are increasingly getting squeezed out of our homogeneous high streets.

Then, as now, this is radical stuff, stripping and refitting shipping containers to create flexible, low cost retail spaces that stack up to make a brand new breed of retail destination – and to create a business environment where fresh, innovative independent retailers will thrive.

It’s a retail revolution that’s spawned many imitators but no equals –until now…


Boxpark Croydon embraces that original ethos – and then some.

Bigger by far, more ambitious and even more radical, Boxpark Croydon will be a home only for carefully chosen fiercely independent, fresh-thinking businesses with a strict ‘no high street fascia’ rule. Like Boxpark Shoreditch it’s going to be a fertile community of brands packed with raw talent and attitude – the difference is that this time it’s all about food, drink and events; creating a place that’s part of the casual dining revolution, where retail becomes entertainment amid a riot of colour, sounds, scents and the flavours of food from all over the world.


Think of Borough Market, Brixton Market, or Chelsea Market NYC, then transport those sights, sounds and smells into a brand new Boxpark space with two rows of ‘Box Shops’ and a high transparent roof covering a bright and airy atrium and you have…

A Covent Garden Piazza for the 21st century.

Boxpark Croydon will become the area’s focal point for people to hang out, to enjoy a wild and ever-changing variety of food, drink and more free events than you can shake a stick at… From pop-up cinema and mini music festivals to art installations, theatrical productions and more in a 2000+ capacity central space equipped with giant state of the art LED screens interacting with visitors in real time and fizzing with fresh creative content.

It’s not just about great street food – it’s about creating a special dining experience

Boxpark Croydon aims to become part of the fabric of local life by colour, creativity and life of its own.

Roger Wade, Founder, Boxpark

Why Croydon?

From arguably London’s fastest and best road, rail and airport connections to the development already underway at Ruskin Square, the list of logistical, financial and geographical reasons is long and persuasive.

Clearly something special is happening in Croydon right now, and we want to be at the centre of it. I’m determined that as its cultural, culinary and social heart, Boxpark will put a smile on Croydon’s face and a song in its soul.

We’re not just building Boxpark in Croydon; we’re building it for Croydon!

Boxpark Croydon Facts

  • Boxpark Croydon will launch Summer 2016
  • 80 containers packed with the most exciting and innovative independent food and drinks brands hot off the streets
  • Around 20,000 Square Feet of events space with capacity for audiences of 2000+
  • Open from Breakfast till Bedtime, 7 days a week
  • Situated at Ruskin Square, next to East Croydon Station

East Croydon Station facts

 • 27 million passengers a year

• 14 minutes to London Bridge

• 16 minutes to London Victoria

• 14 minutes to Gatwick

.. and rail services every 5 minutes

The Welcome will be given by Tony Newman, Leader, London Borough of Croydon

The Talk will be given by Roger Wade, Founder and CEO of Boxpark

‘Casual Dining Revolution’ Q & A

  • David Page, Chairman, Fulham Shore PLC
  • Nabil Mankarious, Director, Franco Manca
  • Dominic Cools-Lartigue, Founder, Street Feast
  • Dan Beaumont, Founder, Voodoo Rays, Dalston Superstore

Thursday 23rd July, 6-9pm , 11th Floor, AMP House, Dingwall Rd, Croydon

Release ends.

Release sender: Boxpark Croydon.



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  • Matthew Smith

    So the Croydon Boxpark won’t have any shops? Not quite what was promised up until now.