BRIT School and Certitude launch student community award

By - Monday 13th October, 2014

As part of its commitment to building closer ties with local communities, Certitude is working with the renowned BRIT School (Croydon) to create a new award for students who make a positive contribution to their local community.

BRIT School students work with adults with learning disabilities supported by Certitude. Photo provided by the BRIT School and used with permission.

Release begins: The“Making a Difference Award” which is launched on October 6, will reward senior BRIT School students who go the extra mile to enable people in the local community to “flourish, contribute and lead the life they want to lead”. Candidates will be nominated by their peers and teachers and the winner will receive a £500 prize when the award is announced next summer.

Certitude is a social care organisation which supports people with learning disabilities and mental health needs in many south London boroughs; the BRIT School is a one-of-a-kind free Performing Arts and Technology School based in Croydon. Both organisations decided to create the award to acknowledge students who not only strive to be the best they can at their academic achievement but who also actively engage with their community, being inclusive and respecting diversity.

Adults with learning disabilities who are supported by Certitude have been attending inclusive theatre workshops run by BRIT School teachers and students at the School in Croydon for the past year.  The sessions are designed to encourage participants to express their ambitions and culminate in a joint performance.

Mike Bloodworth is a Certitude Service Manager based in Balham for Certitude who has been working closely with the BRIT School to make this new award a reality, says: “Certitude is committed to offering stimulating, purposeful, community-based activity to the people we support. The BRIT School is a unique organisation and its students and teachers continue to inspire many of the people we support. We are thrilled to be sponsoring this award which strengthens our partnership with this community-aware school and supports our vision that everyone has the right to a good life.”

Stuart Worden, the Principal of The BRIT School, says:“Like Certitude, the BRIT School believes that everyone has the right for a good life. We are delighted to launch this award and have enjoyed the powerful collaboration between participants, students and staff on community projects. This award will celebrate a student who has been a force for good in their community.”

“Dream Big” – a video of the latest joint Certitude/BRIT School workshops and performance can be viewed here.

Release ends.
Release provider: the BRIT School


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