CEO celebrates 40 years at Croydon Accountants Bryden Johnson

By - Tuesday 15th July, 2014

CEO and partner Gordon Bull recently celebrated 40 years at Croydon Accountants Bryden Johnson. Originally joining the company as a tea-boy in 1974 Mr Bull recently celebrated with over 60 attendees with a meal in Croydon’s Bagatti’s restaurant.

Gordon’s 40 Year Service with Bryden Johnson, image used with permission

Release begins: Gordon Bull celebrated 40 years service with Bryden Johnson the Croydon based accountancy firm in style with a meal at Bagatti’s restaurant last week.

Gordon, the son of a nurse and an electrician, started with the company when it was based in Cambridge Circus, WC2, London, and when the senior partners still wore morning suits and bowler hats to work – one of his early responsibilities was making sure the then senior partner, Theodore Ernest Frederick Leacock, got his opera tickets.

Having worked his way up from ‘tea-boy’ and ‘runner’ in 1974 – when Bryden Johnson was owned and run by Gordon’s Uncle Don – Gordon learned his trade the hard way by reading his way through the mountain of filing he was asked to sort (some of which related to businesses who remain clients today).

Blyth Oxley is one of Bryden Johnson’s longest clients having been with them since 1977, and he remembers Gordon’s early days.

He said: “Gordon was already there then when we joined. Don gave him the chance and although he was Don’s nephew he wasn’t going to take anyone on if they didn’t pull their weight and Gordon has certainly proved more than capable of pulling his weight – he is now senior partner.”

The company has made Croydon its home, and thirty nine years after its arrival, Bryden Johnson is firmly embedded in the local community, supporting a number of local charities, start-ups and business associations.

Gordon was presented with a large anniversary cake at the celebration which also saw antipasti, hot food and drink provided by Bagatti’s.

And Gordon used the evening to reassure people he has no plans of stopping any-time soon.

He said: “A number of people have remarked ‘You have been here a long time haven’t you?’ and a good many times have asked when I am retiring. I can say now this is not retiring. It doesn’t compute with me, it is not in my psyche at all.

“We are in the beginning of an 18 year run of business economic growth – that takes me to 76 and I will be very happy with that if I still have all my marbles.”

Release ends.



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  • Stephen Giles

    A very interesting article – I was one of the original Croydon office staff of Binder Hamlyn in Carolyn House, relocating from John Coward’s former firm Coward Button & Co in 1973. At it’s height, there were more than 400 staff based in the Croydon offices following mergers and take-overs (regarded by staff as one of the same!!).

    But following several waves of unpleasant redundancies in the early 1990s, and other misdemeanours, Binder Hamlyn’s own version of the Taliban no doubt caused the breakup of the firm which brought a smile to my face!!!