Croydon Airport Society launches new website to emphasise its importance as rich learning resource

By - Thursday 12th June, 2014

Today sees the launch of Croydon Airport Society’s new website which aims to make its history more accessible and to engage with schools and learners.

Croydon Airport entrance, Purley Way, Croydon.
Photo used with the permission of Croydon Airport Society

Release begins: Today sees the launch of the new Croydon Airport Society website. The website aims to make the national heritage of the historic Croydon Airport more accessible, better interpreted and explained.

It features lots of interesting information, new facts, videos and never before seen images. It charts the airport’s beginnings from World War I through to becoming London’s International Airport, RAF Croydon and beyond. There are sections on History, Croydon Airport Visitor Centre, Croydon Airport Society and Archives, What’s On, Videos, Image Gallery and more. There are school learning resources located in the Croydon Airport Visitor Centre section. A free downloadable Teachers’ Pack is available aimed at helping Key Stage 2 pupils. The Teachers’ Pack can be used to support a visit to the Croydon Airport Visitor Centre or as a standalone learning tool

We hope that the new website will make it easier for people to enjoy the heritage of Croydon Airport. In future it will allow us to post new stories centred on the history of Croydon Airport. There are also links to our Twitter feed and Facebook page. The website was designed and built in conjunction with the team at White Label, Croydon.

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