Croydon College setting for ‘sci fi’ movie

By - Wednesday 25th February, 2015

Croydon, the unlikely setting for scenes in The Dark Knight Rises (2012) and Criminal (2015), will now be home to the crowd-funded sci fi film, Kosmos. Croydon College will double as a hospital in the film, and students will be allowed on set for the opportunity to learn from the film-makers.

Release begins: Croydon College’s campus, in East Croydon is the unlikely setting for another movie, this time it’s a sci fi website movie titled Kosmos. Over the coming weeks Croydon College will be temporarily transformed into a hospital backdrop for Kosmos, a crowd-funded movie.

Frances Wadsworth, Principal & CEO at Croydon College said: “The production company came to our attention via Twitter, they were looking for a specific location. We invited the production company to visit and they loved the location.”

Yana Georgieva, producer for Kosmos, said; “Croydon College is an amazing space. They are so many different areas, I am already considering it for future productions.”

Students will be allowed on set for filming, and will be the first to see the raw footage. They will have the opportunity to work with the cast and crew, and take part in a few masterclasses.

Ms Wadsworth added: “It’s another great opportunity for our students; we are working closely with Kosmos’ production company to ensure that our students have every opportunity to get involved, and to learn from professionals, these are the sorts of employability experiences that are extremely valuable to our students.”

The cast includes Virginia Hey (Farscape), Terry Molloy (Doctor Who), Jeff Dahlgren (Giorginio), Eline Van Der Velden (Miss Holland) and Jon Campling (Harry Potter). Kosmos will be serialized free online via the Kosmos website.

Ms Georgieva added; “Our hope is to get a very wide audience and generate lots of interest so than we can raise a bigger budget and extend the project. We’re hoping this will be beginning of a very successful web series.”

Ms Georgieva also produced Sleeping Dogs <> which was nominated at the British Independent Film Awards. Simon Horrocks is the film’s writer and director. He successfully crowd-funded funded his first feature film in 2011, The Third Contact <>

Kosmos will be released April 2015.

The plot: ‘It is the near future and research scientist Philip Hoyt’s wife is dying, quietly.

As she lies in a deep coma, Philip battles to save her life when everyone else is ready to let her go.

Using a newly developed technology, he steps across an electronic bridge into her unconscious; into her dreams and memories, probing buried ‘psi-complexes’ to discover the mystery of her illness, and her family’s reluctance to help.’

Release ends.

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  • Adrian Winchester

    I’ll look forward to seeing it, but presumably the release date is April 2016 rather than 2015? Meanwhile, I hope any cast, crew or sci-fi fans available on Tuesday 24th March at 7.30pm will come to the David Lean Cinema, as we have the superb British film ‘EX_MACHINA’.