Croydon Community Against Trafficking (CCAT) marks Anti-Slavery Day 2014

By - Friday 17th October, 2014

CCAT is marking Anti-Slavery Day on Saturday 20th October with a programme of events including an art exhibition and a music event  at Matthew’s Yard 

Image provided by Croydon Community Against Trafficking and used with permission

Release begins: In 2014, CCAT is marking Anti-Slavery day (18 October) with events including an art exhibition, ‘Freedom – Drawing a Moral Line’ running from 3-20 October, and a music event on the 16 October. Both events will highlight the charity’s work in helping combat modern slavery over the last year and take place at Matthew’s Yard.

The prevalence of modern slavery within the Croydon borough remains a real concern. It is easy to be apathetic toward the issue as it is a hidden and unnoticeable crime. These events aim to raise awareness within the Croydon community.

‘Freedom – Drawing a Moral Line’ an exhibition by local and emerging artists will, through various mediums, fill your heart and soul; bringing forth the deep emotions that create our sense of freedom. The works range from watercolours, to acrylics, from video works to painting on silk. A catalogue will provide information and perspective on the de-humanising impact of modern slavery in Croydon and what is being done about it. All works are for sale with the proceeds going to CCAT.

 The artists involved include: Sandra Wills, an intuitive painter and maker, who’s expressive, watercolour and acrylic works speak deeply to our humanity. Marie McLoughlin, working on silk, creates paintings that resonate with her spiritual experience. She was a nun for many years and her work flies to heaven with its freedom. Christine McLoughlin’s innovative, contemporary artworks use visual metaphors to express the intimacy of personal freedom. Oliver Pengilley’s professional excellence and spiritual sensitivity allow his paintings to convey the sublime.

The music event on 16 October features local band Back Before Dawn and Croydon singer songwriter Sasha Fanthome – more acts to be confirmed.

Alongside these artists – schools, churches, Coulsdon and Croydon colleges are also contributing to the exhibition. Croydon is working together to raise awareness of modern slavery and what that means on a personal level. We each have the freedom to choose not to be part of slavery.


Art Exhibition: 3-20 October (not Mondays), 10am-10pm

Music Event: Took place on the 16th October, 7pm

Venue: Matthews Yard.

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