Croydon Council to pay London Living Wage

By - Monday 9th November, 2015

Croydon Council has been accredited as a Living Wage borough, committed to pay its employees at least £9.40 per hour.

Photo by Croydon Council, used with permission.

Release begins: 40 community leaders from Croydon Citizens, local alliance of schools and faith institutions, gathered in the council chamber with Deputy Leader of the Council Cllr Alison Butler on Monday night to celebrate the Council accrediting as a Living Wage employer.

 Living Wage accreditation means that everyone employed by the council will earn at least £9.40 per hour including sub-contracted staff. The Living Wage campaign was started by Citizens UK, parent organisation of Croydon Citizens, in 2001.

 The move comes on the back of a pledge made to Croydon Citizens last year. At the Croydon Citizens assembly just before the local elections in 2014, 250 community leaders gather in Croydon College and asked leader of the council Cllr Newman to accredit as a living wage employer if elected.

Khadija Francis, a student at Croydon College and a leader in Croydon Citizens said:

“It’s great that Cllr Newman stuck to his pledge and has done the right thing by ensuring that everyone who works for the council is paid a wage they can live on. A lot of young people don’t believe that politics can make a difference but this shows that it can.”

The celebration, on the first day of living wage week, included a living wage cake and garlands for living wage employers as well as the mass signing of a board pledging to promote the living wage in Croydon.

Rev Canon Joyce Forbes, from St Stephen’s Church and a leader in Croydon Citizens said:

“It’s a fantastic step for Croydon council to lead by example and pay the London Living Wage. However, there are still a vast number of people paid below the living wage in Croydon so our work is not done. We want to keep going until every employer that can afford to pay the living wage does and turn Croydon into a truly Living Wage borough.”

Release ends.

Release sender: Croydon Council.



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