42 slides in just one day – Croydon dance company SLiDE launches fundraiser challenge

By - Tuesday 26th August, 2014

Croydon-based dance company SLiDE (South London Inclusive Dance Experience) aims to give people of all ages and abilities the opportunity to dance. They’ve now launched a fund-raising challenge with a difference – to slide down every playground slide in Croydon within 24 hours.

Croydon’s SLiDE Dance Company offers everyone, of any age and ability level, the opportunity to dance.
Photo by Sophie Standford, used with permission.

Release begins: A celebration of slides to help SLiDE grow!

SLiDE is a unique Croydon based dance company created in 2011 by Anita Wadsworth and Gemma Coldicott. They have one aim, to give people of all ages and ability, including disabilities, the opportunity to dance. So far SLiDE has danced with over 150 people aged 7 to 92, in partnership with The Brit School, CALAT and by running their own projects. People love the integration SLiDE’s work brings, ‘It is so wonderful taking part in an event with mixed abilities, something we don’t have the opportunity to do. More power to your work.’ Stella, SLiDE participant.

On September 5th SLiDE will start a celebration of slides, kicking off with ‘Woman vs Slide’. In 24 hours Gemma will slide down every single slide in the borough of Croydon. That’s 42 slides! Using only trams and buses to get around the borough. Businesses, organisations and local residents have the opportunity to sponsor this challenge via our crowdfunding site. Funds raised will go towards setting up new groups such as classes for children and adults with and without disabilities.

The celebrations will continue with competitions and giveaways, culminating in a community fun day on September 14, ‘Come slide with us’. Updates on the celebrations will be available on our website. Alternatively SLiDE can be contacted on 07887 781361 or by email.

Don’t miss out on Croydon’s biggest celebrations of slides, ever!

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