Croydon students get ‘treated’ by classroom medics

By - Thursday 18th December, 2014

On Wednesday 17th December, 150 students from Norbury Manor Business and Enterprise College in Thornton Heath took part in interactive sessions using real medical equipment for a unique Healthcare Science day. 

Left to right: Rachel Smith (Classroom Medics), Umu Wilson, Gabriela Golebiewsica, Shivani Parmar.
Photo by Norbury Business and Enterprise College, used with permission.

Release begins: This fun and engaging workshop by science education specialists, Classroom Medics, got all the pupils hands on and measuring their own physiology and understanding the effects of various medical conditions – so they could make up their own minds on suitable treatments.

It also focused on the importance of leading a healthy, active lifestyle and how this can combat obesity, diabetes, etc, as well as investigating careers available with the NHS and the opportunities reachable through science.

Student activities on the day included ‘Stan’ the life size patient simulator who blinks, breaths, talks, sweats and cries – he even has a heartbeat and lungs. Stan was given a disease and the students had to diagnose what was wrong with him?

They also recorded blood flow speed and imaged their carotid artery with an Ultrasound Scanner (to compare them with those affected by fatty diets), used an iPhone connected to an ophthalmoscope to take pictures of the blood vessels in their retina (these are the ones that can be affected by diabetes when left untreated) and practiced with a keyhole surgery training device.

Additionally, they used a real needle to take fake blood from ‘Andy’ the phlebotomy arm, practiced incubating on ‘Eddy the Head’ to help him breathe and wore different pathology goggles to experience what it is like to have cataracts, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma and partial blindness.

Jayne Melling, Head of Science at Norbury Manor, said: “The students really enjoyed interacting with the equipment and got to practise some exciting procedures and investigate some interesting careers. It was an excellent and productive day all round!”

Ifeoma Kafer (age 16) said: “The practicals were very cool because I learnt new skills and experienced things I wouldn’t have normally done in class. I would recommend it to anyone interested in medicine or a career in Healthcare.”

Sammal Ali (17) added: “It was an amazing day, which gave me a real insight on the types of procedures that take place in a hospital. Carrying out the ECG on my peers was a wonderful experience I will never forget.”

Classroom Medics founder, Tom Warrender, explains: “We pack our workshops with things you can’t normally do in school and make sure there is an actual applied link to science and a career. We illustrate the many and varied careers in the burgeoning Healthcare Science sector that pupils won’t have heard of (there are over 40) and show them how they can get into these careers simply with A-C grades in Science, Maths and English – and not just A grades as is the popular misconception.”

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Release provider: Norbury Manor Business and Enterprise College.



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