#Croydon #TechCity startup runs Kickstarter campaign for Raspberry Pi add-on board

By - Wednesday 23rd April, 2014

#Croydon #TechCity company ‘Noisepower’ has launched a Kickstarter campaign to develop an add-on board for the increasingly popular credit-card sized ‘Raspberry Pi’ hobby computer.

Image used with permission.

Release begins: Paschal Egan, electronics engineer for Noisepower said “We were really excited by Raspberry Pie, the new low cost, £25 computer aimed at schools and hobbyist. But, we thought, what we really want is a way to control things in the real world, like lights, TVs, fridges etc. (Even boilers). Then students could really get a feel for how computers can do real things. But, these things run on the mains – not something safe for children. Then we thought – have a wireless link to the mains – so the student writing the programs on the computer has no contact with the mains – that is away elsewhere on plugs /sockets -even in another room. We have built a version which we sold on Amazon. We have written some programs and put them as examples on our website, for a traffic lights and turning ON and OFF some lights.

However – the feedback was that people wanted a simpler version, made with bigger, simpler components, so that they can make it themselves as a kit. We decided to release such a version using “kickstarter”, crowd-funding website. This lets us raise the capital costs of starting up production, by taking early orders. It is a great new way for businesses to raise seed money, and get noticed, and is ideal for a small business like Noisepower”.

Noisepower has been running for 2 years as a small electronics hardware design studio. It relocated to South Norwood last year. It has had a number of successes. It designed a smart TV for a Polish TV company, which uses Android, and has a quad core processor. The chip company were so impressed they put it on their stand at the prestigious CES show in Las Vegas, to show the world what their chip can do. So a TV board designed in Croydon has been seen by hundreds of thousands of visitors. Other design success include the hardware design for a musical device recently featured on ITV breakfast TV, and some other raspberry Pi products. On going products include accessories for apple products, a fun higher spec educational computer and many more. Generally, Noisepower makes real a customers product ideas. Paschal Egan, head of Hardware, has decades of experience in product development, with millions of items sold. The Croydon area, with its good transport links(can get easily to central London and direct link to Shoreditch “tech cluster”), and thriving new “Tech City” cluster is an ideal location for such a high Tech business. Release ends.

Contact: sales@noisepower.co.uk for more information.



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