Croydon youth invited to participate in new theatre project this summer

By - Saturday 16th July, 2016

Croydon’s first immersive drama company will launch this summer as Parabolic Theatre unveils a new programme for 10-18 year olds.

Release begins: Over the last few years Croydon’s arts scene has suffered some ruthless blows. Firstly with the closure of the Town Hall’s Braithwaite Theatre and David Lean cinema, and then the death of the long standing Warehouse Theatre. The only live theatre venue left was the Fairfield Halls and now that is closing for a couple of years for refurbishment.

The people of Croydon have fought back and the David Lean cinema has now re­opened and is being run by volunteers. Matthews Yard, with the help of Kickstarter funding, have also made a contribution to the arts scene in Croydon by opening their own theatre space. As this grass roots revolution gathers pace, a group of performing arts practitioners are working towards establishing Croydon’s first immersive theatre company.

Immersive theatre is a form of performance practiced by such companies as Secret Cinema and Punch Drunk, it gives the audience member the opportunity to participate and sometimes be instrumental to the performance. Parabolic Theatre will launch its first performance at the end of the year, but before that it’s youth theatre is launching with a series of projects spanning the six weeks of the summer holidays. Like it’s big brother, the youth theatre will be equally experimental and exciting, taking elements of the immersive theatre idea and incorporating it into productions.

This summer Parabolic Youth will be making their own films, taking part in comedy workshops and devising a theatrical performance. Each project takes one week and there are six projects for the six weeks of the summer holidays. Parabolic Youth Theatre will be officially opening its membership up to young people between the ages of 10 ­to 18 years, after the summer holidays. Each term we will work on a new project together, culminating in a production that will be open to friends and family. Our first project this Autumn promises to be incredibly exciting.

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