Launch of Croydon writer’s ‘must-read’ analysis of UK economic crisis following acclaim by reviewers

By - Sunday 8th June, 2014

On Tuesday evening, June 10th, Matthew’s Yard in Surrey Street, Croydon will host the launch of  an acclaimed new book by writer Andrew Fisher on the UK’s economic and political crisis.

Time: Tuesday 10th June, 7:30pm

Location: Matthew’s Yard, Croydon, CR0 1FF

Image provided by Andrew Fisher and used with permission

Release begins: New analysis wins praise from economists, politicians and reviewers

Andrew Fisher’s first book The Failed Experiment… and How to Build an Economy That Works has been praised by economists, politicians and reviewers as a “must-read” (economist Ann Pettifor), a “lucid and compelling manifesto for change” (Aditya Chakrabortty, senior economics commentator, Guardian) and described as “the best thing I have read in years” (by Labour MP John McDonnell)

Andrew will be speaking at a local launch of the book, hosted by Croydon Radical History Network, on Tuesday 10th June, 7pm at Matthews Yard, off Surrey Street, Croydon, CR0 1AA. The event – titled ‘Local investment: are private developers the only option?’ – will address the Westfield/Hammerson proposals and the town’s housing crisis in the context of the themes in the book.

He is a trade unionist and political activist, and lives with his wife and young son in the Woodside area of Croydon.

Andrew said:

“The economic crisis wasn’t caused by the last government employing to many nurses or by overly generous public sector pensions. But glib banker-bashing is a distraction too.

“There is a deep-seated failure in the UK economy because over the last 35 years politicians have handed control to an unaccountable cabal of oligarchs and corporations.

“The problem can be seen in microcosm in Croydon, as the chronic housing crisis remains unaddressed while private developers decide we need a new shopping centre, with politicians reduced to cheerleading.”

In five chapters, Fisher analyses the crisis as it hit (1), investigates a generation of policies that led to it (2), how politicians papered over the cracks in the economy (3), the state of our economy today (4), and how to build an economy that works (5).

Release ends.



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  • Sean Creighton

    Having organised the meeting in my capacity as Convenor of the Croydon Radical History Network I will be chairing it and running a bookstall, mainly of second hand books on politics, economics and labour movement history. So please bring some money with you. Thanks.