Croydon’s Flower Fairies artist and Park Hill Park fairy trail to feature in Heritage Festival 2015

By - Tuesday 31st March, 2015

Cicely Mary Barker’s celebrated Flower Fairies will play a part in the Croydon Heritage Festival 2015, forming part of a wider celebration of this Croydon artist on the 120th anniversary of her birth 

Model of Cicely Mary Barker, artist and writer, at the Hive Croydon.
Photo by Liz Sheppard-Jones, used with permission.

Release begins: a celebration of Croydon artist Cicely Mary Barker, on the 120th anniversary of her birth, will form part of the 2015 Croydon Heritage Festival programme.  Along with promoting this world-famous local artist and writer, the festival aims to create in local children a love of books and reading through the use of innovative play and exploration in an outdoor setting, whilst exploring the fantasy and folk stories of all the varied cultures of Croydon.

Based in Park Hill Park (Croydon’s Central Park) the festival will centre on arts and nature using the work of Cicely Mary Barker. Festival activity packs will be issued to participating schools and will include art workshops in which children will create their own fairies, fairy wings and flowers using natural resources they have found in the park.  The project will create legacy within the park: a permanent area for storytelling, reading, writing and arts workshops.

 - the park’s Walled Garden will host a Flower Fairy Trail to teach children to identify flowers and plants using the Flower Fairy book illustrations as the key

 - an exhibition bee hive will show the structure of hives and enable learning about the importance of bees in the ecosystem

 - children will explore and add to the park’s ‘bug hotels’

 - a museums team will explore specimens of wings from insects and birds with visitors

 - visitors will be able to find out more about the park’s new composting systems

 - in the Pavilion area, a pop-up cinema will offer screenings for both children and adults

 - children will be able to enter a creative writing competition

Croydon Heritage Festival 2015 runs from June 20th – 28th 2015.  More information is available here.

Release ends.

Release sender: Friends of Park Hill Park.



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