Croydon’s newest gallery, RISE, opens Thursday 23rd October in St George’s Walk

By - Wednesday 22nd October, 2014

Croydon’s new RISE gallery aims to be a catalyst for change and to conceptually modify South London’s cultural landscape.

Image by RISE gallery, used with permission.

Release begins: RISE gallery, brainchild of leading art dealer Kevin Zuchowski-Morrison, specialises in contemporary, cutting edge art. Its aim is to play a pivotal role in being a catalyst for positive change and modifying conceptually South London’s cultural landscape.

RISE gallery is an organisation open to all and strives, through art, to bring together ideals, cultures and people.The gallery will be open to the general public from Thursday 23rd October. Situated in Croydon, it is the starting point of various projects that will be playing major roles in Croydon over the course of the next months.

Director of internationally recognised company Recherché Art, Kevin Zuchowski-Morrison plans to lead a positive intervention that will make Croydon once again one of London’s most exciting boroughs.

Driven by the philosophy that art is inclusive to all and exclusive to none, RISE organisation is always looking for new projects to be involved in and supports a number of charities, such as ArtHalo, which will also occupy part of the premises of RISE gallery in Croydon.

RISE gallery shows major artists as well as representing and guiding talented emerging international artists.

Release ends.

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  • Mary Chrisia Borda

    RISE gallery opening up in Croydon is an exciting new development! Works by Damien Hirst and Banksy, also very contemporary and up and coming artists with amazing concepts. The opening of this gallery might be the beginning of Croydon finally gaining a good reputation and also regaining its once live art scene!

  • Mary Chrisia Borda

    RISEgallery is having a new exhibition showing from 4th December – 10th January. The private view is from the 3rd of December RSVP at

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