New platforms proposed for East Croydon station

By - Wednesday 5th November, 2014

East Croydon station could get two new platforms to expand capacity. Network Rail announced proposals after launching the consultation period of the Sussex Route Study, which covered routes to London Bridge, London Victoria and Gatwick Airport.  East Croydon was a key area of the study as travel into London Bridge is expected to rise by more than 60%.

Photo taken by Joshua Brown and used under Creative Commons licence.

Release begins: The council has welcomed proposals from Network Rail to significantly upgrade East Croydon station, with two new platforms planned, and to further increase passenger capacity.

This follows the launch of the Sussex Route Study consultation, which covers lines running through the borough from London Victoria and London Bridge to Brighton via Gatwick Airport.

East Croydon, as one of the busiest and most congested sections on the line, is a key focus of the study.

Proposals identified by the study include two new platforms at East Croydon, and raising the railway line at Windmill Bridge Junction, where trains to London Bridge and Victoria from the Brighton mainline currently cross each other on flat junctions.

The study says that within a decade, demand for rail travel into London Bridge is set to grow by more than 60 per cent, and looks at ways that bottlenecks in and around the capital can be tackled.

The proposals complement existing plans to improve East Croydon and the council’s Growth Plan, which outlines how regeneration will be delivered for the borough.

As well as an enhanced station, they will provide quicker and more reliable connections to central London and beyond.

Councillor Tony Newman, leader of the council, said: “This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to rebuild East Croydon, which is one of the busiest stations in the country and a major through route into central London and to Gatwick and beyond.

“These proposals support Croydon’s aspirations for growth and make us a more attractive place for investors.

“They will ensure that East Croydon can provide the passenger capacity and quality of station Croydon needs.”

Release ends.

Release sender: Croydon Council



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  • Stephen Giles

    It’s an excellent proposal to expand East Croydon Station as mentioned – I discussed the very same thing with fellow commuters back in 1973 – that’s 41 years ago!!
    However, it would also be important to expand the very limited space in the ticket office area, which becomes dangerously crowded at times, especially during the 15 minutes before Freedom Pass validity time at 9.30am on weekdays. Perhaps it would also be an opportunity to reconsider the area directly in front of the station entrance, where undesirables frequently gather.

    • Stephen Giles

      Clearly, nobody is bothered about the undesirables who gather outside East Croydon Station!!