An eco-friendly motor show for Croydon

By - Monday 29th September, 2014

Eco Drive, the first Croydon Motor Show event, is to showcase the green future of business travel on Thursday 16th October at Fairfield Halls.

Eco-friendly transportation of the future – but cool. Image provided by Eco Drive and White Label Consultancy and used with permission.

Release begins: The Croydon Motor Show event will showcase fuel-efficient and electric cars, vans and bicycles, pedal bikes and storage facilities, pool cars, web-based lift sharing and more.

Peter McDonald, transport and planning officer for Croydon Council which is supporting the event along with Transport for London, said: “Eco Drive will show how to improve the health of the borough’s workforce, reduce their carbon footprint and save money.”

The entrance to Fairfield Halls will be transformed into an exhibition space as different forms of transport with an eco-friendly edge are put on show.

Among them will be the groundbreaking BMW i3 electric car which was crowned WhatCar green car for 2014 as well as winning the title of UK Car of the Year.

Asad Ashfaq, an iGenius for BMW, said: “This car has gone over and beyond in terms of sustainability. It is 95 per cent recyclable and the whole construction process is carried out at a factory in Leipzig, Germany, which is powered by four wind turbines.

“Although you hear a lot about it in Formula One, it is also the first car in mass production where the majority of the structure is made of carbon fibre. They are so popular we have sold out for 2014 and it is very hard to find a used i3 because people are not selling them on yet.”

There will also be the chance to go for two-wheels rather than four with Coulsdon-based Honda dealer Doble Motorcycles

“We are attending Eco Drive to promote the fact we can lease motorcycles and offer fleet motorcycle support to businesses,” said Michael Lee, marketing manager of Doble Motorcycles.

“We want to challenge the current fleet managers out there by demonstrating how they can save a lot of money, become a lot more green and get the associated tax benefits by considering changing some of their car fleet to motorcycles.”

Cycling Made Easy, also based in Coulsdon, is the largest specialist e-bike showroom in the UK and will be on hand to provide friendly, knowledgable advice and guidance during the process of purchasing the right cycle.

Ray Wookey, director of Cycling Made Easy, said: “We will exhibit our special selection of business e-bikes – well designed, light elegant and sporty.

“To feel how they ride, how they make hills flatter and distances shorter – we will take bookings for no obligation test-rides on the picturesque quiet routes located right next to our showroom.”

Other exhibitors at Eco Drive include: Circuit Cars, Practical Car and Van Rental, Dees of Croydon (Ford dealership), Motoline (Volkswagen dealership), Doves of Croydon (Volvo dealership), Renault and Croydon Council.

We Mean Business is now in its sixth year and is open to businesses of all sizes and from every sector. The event is being organised by Make Business Happen, a not-for-profit company established to support business and enterprise throughout London and the south east.

Business looking to be part of Eco Drive of We Mean Business should call Claire Gadd on 020 8726 7968 or email.

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