Festive lighting returns to Lower Addiscombe Road thanks to residents’ association

By - Monday 21st December, 2015

The Addiscombe & Shirley Park Residents’ association has signed a five-year contract with the Festive Lighting Company to restore Christmas lights to the Addiscombe ‘village’ shopping area along Lower Addiscombe Road. Having funded the first year of the project themselves, ASPRA hopes that more people and organisations will now get involved. 

Photo by ASPRA, used with permission.

Release begins: At their Annual General Meeting earlier this year, members of Members of ASPRA – the Addiscombe & Shirley Park Residents’ Association – voted overwhelmingly to try to organise the installation of  Festive Lighting for the Christmas Season in the Addiscombe “Village” shopping area along Lower Addiscombe Road. This was to be purely for the benefit of the local community, local shops, businesses and traders, and for the general enjoyment of all the residents and visitors to the area.

With the help of Croydon Council and Skanska, this dream has now come true, and for the first time in many years Addiscombe has decorative Festive Lighting this Christmas.

In order to achieve this, ASPRA has signed a five-year contract with the Festive Lighting Company, who also supply lighting to Central Croydon. Having voted to fund the project, members of ASPRA paid for this first year themselves, but are hoping also to be able to attract some sponsorship from local businesses and other beneficiaries in the area. Ashburton Councillor Stephen Mann, the Blackhorse Residents’ Association, St Mildred’s Chruch, Stovell House Doctors’ Surgery and others have already contributed, and as the word gets around it is thought that more people will wish to be involved.

Release ends.

Release sender: Addiscombe & Shirley Park Residents’ Association.



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