Healthwatch responds to announcement of Croydon Clinical Commissioning Group funding shortfall for 2016-17

By - Thursday 11th February, 2016

Healthwatch Croydon has highlighted the likely consequences of a shortfall between NHS England’s offer and the funding needs of the Croydon Clinical Commissioning Group. 

Image by Healthwatch Croydon, used with permission.

Release begins: Last week’s announcement by NHS England stated that the Croydon Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is likely to receive £26 million (5.86%) increase in its core funding allocation to provide services for 2016-17. While the increase is welcomed, the CCG will still be £18 million in deficit (-3.71%) by April 2017 compared with the average for London CCGs which is likely to be 1.93% within budget.

Charlie Ladyman, CEO of Healthwatch Croydon, the local champion for health and social care, said: “There seems to be quite a gap between what NHS England is offering and the amount that Croydon CCG says it needs. It is clear the CCG will need to take a careful and strategic look at how it commissions each service rather than rolling over contracts to current providers. At the same time, it needs to ensure it places patient benefit at the centre of its decision-making, as much as budget savings.

“While the allocation does take Croydon’s large population into consideration, with a rise of 4.66% or £1,554 per person, it does not consider the diverse needs of London’s largest borough, reflected in the recent Public Health report. We are concerned that this shortfall will ultimately impact patient’s accessibility and experience of health services.”

Release ends.

Release sender: Healthwatch Croydon.



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