Inter-religious group runs event to promote reflection on faith, forgiveness and freedom

By - Friday 9th May, 2014

Tomorrow, the International Association of Religious Freedom (British Chapter) will run an inter-religious worship event at the Croydon Unitarian Church. Through presentation and discussion, the event will explore themes of faith, belief freedom and forgiveness. It features a series of prominent speakers, including humanists as well as religious people.

Time: Saturday 10th May 2014,  10am for 10:30am – 3:30pm

Location: Croydon Unitarian Church

Entry: A £5 offering is requested at the door (or your £15 IARF Membership)

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Release Begins: Brief opening worship including readings from Karen Armstrong & “Letters from a Birmingham Jail” by Martin Luther King, Jr. To close our worship, the Rt. Rev Jonathan Clark, Bishop of Croydon, will speak. The main programme of the morning will be a panel on “Faith and Belief – the Difference between Them” starting from the book by Wilfred Cantwell Smith. Charanjit Singh will moderate, and Sheikh M. Amin Evans and Jeremy Rodell (Humanist) will be panel members to spark our discussion. In accepting, Rodell wrote, “Freedom of religion and belief, including freedom to be an atheist, seems to be threatened in so many places right now.” Thirty minutes of circle group discussions will follow the presentations. The moderator and each panellist will lead circles.

A £5 offering is requested at the door (or your £15 IARF Membership). A light vegetarian lunch will be provided at 12:15. At 1:00 PM is the afternoon panel on Forgiveness, Trust & Fideology. Dr. Kishan Manocha will moderate. Rev Chris Hudson MBE of Belfast will speak of his 30 years of reconciliation work in Northern Ireland. He will be followed by Peter Sampson and open discussion.2:00 PM, Annual General Meeting, British Chapter, IARF. All are welcome to participate. Sheikh M. Amin Evans will tell of the 24-27 August 2014 IARF Birmingham Congress with Keynote Address by Karen Armstrong, founder of the “Charter of Compassion.” For details see and Release Ends.

Further Contact: Rev. Richard Boeke, 01403 257 801.



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