Leading charities launch new Croydon Advice Services

By - Thursday 17th July, 2014

Four of Croydon’s leading charities are pooling their resources and expertise to create the first fully integrated advice and advocacy service for all adults in the borough who have social care and support needs.

Advice Services Croydon; image used with permission

Release Begins: Age UK Croydon, Croydon Hearing Resource Centre, Croydon Vision and Disability Croydon have spent the last nine months developing the new Advice Services Croydon (ASC) Service. ASC will be one of the first in the country to offer a one-stop shop for advice, advocacy, self help support and specialist information on a range of needs and disabilities and will initially be delivered through a three year contract with Croydon Council.

The Mayor of Croydon, Councillor Manju Shahul-Hameed, will launch the initiative at a special event at Bernard Weatherill House on Monday 21st July (2.00pm – 5.00pm) which will be attended by representatives of local service providers and voluntary groups as well as Croydon residents who will benefit from the new service.

Stuart Routledge, Chief Executive of Age UK Croydon which is leading the consortium, said:

“We believe that ASC is going to make a really positive difference for thousands of people in the borough with a wide range of needs”.

“Trying to find the right advice or the support that you need or information about benefits and how to claim them can be a very daunting task and too many people don’t get what they need. The streamlined service we’ll be providing will make it possible to find the right information and advice easily and quickly will make a significant contribution to many local people’s quality of life.”

The new service aims to provide practical support and advice to help people to maintain their independence and improve their quality of life. Its services, which go live at the launch, will be accessible via a helpline, by email and through appointments, drop-in sessions and surgeries around the borough. A comprehensive directory of advice and information will also be available online from 24th of July at www.adviceservicescroydon.org.uk.

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  • Sean Creighton

    As someone who has had involvements at various stages over the years with the advice service movement in Wandsworth, Merton and nationally, this is a very welcome development. Having drop in surgeries around the Borough is vital to reach more people. Past research has shown the further people have to travel to advice services the less likely they are to do so. It is to be hoped that with the new approach to fairness and the districts being taken by the new Labour administration, that it will be able to find constructive ways to help the activities of independent advice services even if it cannot fund them. Advice service evidence to the Fairness Commission is going to be an important source of information on the real effect of benefits cuts, low income, pay day loans, etc, on the large percentage of low income households that comprise Croydon’s population, particularly with the added problems of physical disabilities.