Lives Not Knives hosts tech day during London Technology Week

By - Monday 30th June, 2014

Lives Not Knives held a technology packed day during London Technology Week. The aim was to get young people more aware of the technology they use. Pupils could build robots for a stop animation video, try out a 3D printer, see how an app is created and hear from an array of speakers on career paths, working in tech or starting their own business. 

Screenshot from stop animation video, used with permission.

Release begins: The LNK UNIT on the Upper Mall, Centrale Shopping Centre, Croydon, threw open its doors on the first day of LONDON TECHNOLOGY WEEK, Monday 16 June 2014, to 200 pupils and 50+ adults to BUILD CROYDON MakeAthon. Usually the home of work ready programmes, traineeships, apprenticeships, Retail Space, Music at the Unit, Code Club and HTML Clubs, to name just a few of its initiatives – today was given over solely to TECHNOLOGY.

BUILD CROYDON MakeAthon was set up especially for the schools to bring tech awareness to Croydon. There were a variety of demos and speakers who all kindly volunteered their time to help with this initiative. As Croydon is promoting itself as Croydon Tech City, the LNK UNIT thought it would be appropriate that the community pulled together to help our young population to be work ready for the jobs on offer in technology. As technology embraces not just coding, but covers a spectrum of areas around us i.e. retail, marketing, office work, gaming, i-pads, computers, phones, music, credit cards, transport, etc… we wanted the youth to be aware of changes that were taking place around them, to spark an interest in these changes and embrace them. We also made them aware that we were part of the very first LONDON TECHNOLOGY WEEK – which started on Monday and finished on Friday and proved in itself a huge success.

A welcoming speech was given by Eliza Rebeiro, Founder of Lives Not Knives to kick start the event. The pupils were divided into groups and taken round the demonstrations, led by a Group Leader (youth who had volunteered their time). First stop – Scrap Heap Challenge where they built robots. Twelve robots were finally made by the groups and taken over to Stop Motion Animation where a small clip was made of each robot.

Next stop a 3-D Printer and 3-D Scanner with which they were intrigued and enjoyed thoroughly. Many took away a small piece made on the 3-D printer or had a scan on the 3-D Scanner. Next, the construction of a computer, which proved very popular as the youth learnt all about motherboards, rams, roms, etc. which made computers more user friendly as they could now relate to the processes inside.

They were shown how a mobile app could be created for their phone and how musical instruments were made using computer parts and enjoyed making music on a keyboard – everyone found this area fun. Last but not least there was Code Club and HTML. Plenty of time was spent learning the basics of coding and websites.

Running alongside, there were interesting speakers who spoke on a variety of subjects from starting their own business, career path, international education, women in tech, stereotypes, employability in technology and a couple of young start-ups who spoke of their career path and making a website at 8 years old, which completely blew the pupils away.

A mixed variety to make the pupils realise how widely technology is being used around the world and, more importantly, around their world. I hope the day will inspire them to learn a bit more about technology, no matter which path they choose to proceed in their lives.

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the day and were totally engaged and intrigued with both the speakers and the demos. The feedback from the schools and pupils was fantastic and the event proved an enjoyable day for the youth, teachers, demonstrators, speakers, group leaders and everyone in the LNK UNIT.

The LNK UNIT achieved what it had set out to achieve – TECHNOLOGY AWARENESS IN THE WORLD AROUND US.

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