LOAF, a new iPod food and recipe app, launches from 3Space Croydon

By - Thursday 10th December, 2015

A entrepreneurial team based in Croydon’s start-up hub 3Space has launched a food and recipe app described by ListedIn and London Technology Week as “one to watch for 2016″.

Han-Son Lee and Hok Shun Poon. Photo by Loaf App, used with permission.

Release begins: Loaf  is a free iPad app that uses interactive animations to take users through hundreds of recipes, making cooking stress free. It has just launched on the App Store.

Challenging and re-imagining the conventional recipe, the app’s top features are:

Based on users’ preferences, Loaf makes personal recommendations from over 50 bloggers and chefs worldwide each week.

It allows users to speak to someone whilst they cook.

It tracks how you cook and allows users to review and share their creations

The foodie-lover’s platform is an interactive cooking community for enthusiastic home cooks to save time, track progress and cook stress free. Food tech is booming with $4.8bn invested into Food Tech startups in 2015, but there has been a surprising lack of innovation in the cooking space, where cooking with recipes especially feels outdated and stressful.

Enter Loaf, its animated and personal recommendations, which delivers a totally new experience of recipes that are more personal, animated and smart. Home cooks are about to experience the real digitization of the recipe.

Select. Swipe. Share

By swiping right for each step of a recipe, the interactive animated design ensures simple execution of even the hardest instructions, bringing a welcome end to re-reading and overanalyzing confusing, text heavy recipes. As the culinary landscape has changed so drastically in recent times, the humble recipe format has seen no real change in over a thousand years. Loaf has been built to reimagine the recipe experience for millions of home cooks in search of the ultimate cooking companion.

As well as dissecting and overhauling the age-old recipe format, Loaf is growing a global community of passionate foodies, with a digital cookbook containing 3,500 recipes from over 50 chefs, food bloggers and home cooks. Each recipe provides information on how many cooking steps are involved, preparation and cooking time as well as the number of ingredients, calories and servings. Recipes can be searched easily using filters including meal type, duration, calories and dietary requirements, as users get recipe recommends based purely on personal tastes.

Using intuitive, smart technology, Loaf is also impacting the weekly food shop as the iPad app will also generate and send personal weekly recipe recommendations, based on food preferences and dietary requirements, introducing new chefs and cuisines to users that can be emailed at the click of a button. Once a recipe has been completed, Loafers can snap and share their creation on social media to show off their creations or new found cooking skills.

Han-Son Lee, Loaf CEO and co-founder believes that Loaf is the antidote to the static recipe. He says: “Loaf has a very simple mission; to make
cooking easier. So many home cooks are frustrated by the static and very much dated recipe format; they want the recipe to work with them, not against them.

“There are so many fantastic recipes out there, and an abundance of brilliant ingredients, but we all have less time to cook. The will is often there to try something new, but the reality of trying to figure out how to produce a mouthwatering dish puts people off. Loaf is addressing this by making each step of the cooking process easier than it’s ever been, and we’re bringing recipes into the ‘smart’ age. Whether you want to try a new cuisine, improve your repertoire or follow a new diet, such as Paleo or low Fodmap, Loaf is the cooking companion to do this.”

As the foodie revolution continues to gather momentum, more and more people are integrating technology into their cooking, whether it is to buy produce or kitchen kit, to follow new diet regimes, learn new kitchen skills or to get food inspiration; ‘Recipe’ is the second most Googled search term, with two billion global searches each month.

Han-Son Lee continues: “We’ve seen some really interesting recipe discovery apps already on the market, but for us, we wanted to take our relationship with technology and cooking to the next level as we felt that the the recipe needed remodeling, to bring it up to date with 21st century approaches to cooking. Loaf will change how people think about cooking, enticing them back into the kitchen by making the entire cooking process simpler, faster and more exciting”.

Loaf app is currently free to download from the App Store.

Release ends.

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