How local businesses can work for Croydon Council

By - Sunday 18th January, 2015

Small businesses in Croydon have the chance to find out about how they can participate in providing some of the £400m of services commissioned each year by the council. 

Croydon Council building.
Photo by Liz Sheppard-Jones, used with permission.

Release begins: This new way of doing business, which sees commissioning for social value as its main focus, will be unveiled at Value Croydon, taking place from  10am to 2pm on Thursday, 22 January, at Fairfield Halls.

It is an invitation for local companies to come and find out about opportunities that are available to them where they can carry out council

At the same time it is a chance for the council to nurture partnerships with businesses, the community and other public sector bodies to promote
social value in Croydon.

It will mean local businesses will be given greater opportunities to be the main contractors or sub-contractors used by the council.

Value Croydon is focussed on creating jobs for local people, providing training and skill development opportunities, investing in local business growth and opening up more commissioning opportunities to local businesses.

Councillor Simon Hall, cabinet member for finance and treasury, said:

“Value Croydon marks a radical new direction in the way the council does business. We want to place social value at the heart of what we do in terms of commissioning contracts for council services. Supporting local businesses is a major priority for this administration, with a strong emphasis on making sure that they get the opportunity to pitch for council contracts. This event is a great opportunity for those local businesses to meet and make connections with our key suppliers and partners.”

For more information about Value Croydon, call the council’s commissioning support team on 020 8726 7383 or email

To register attendance, email

Release ends.

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