Local Croydon Youth help keep Green green

By - Tuesday 25th August, 2015

The Marlpit Lane Bowling Green has recently partnered with the Headstart scheme in order to give youth volunteers from Croydon the chance to help run the green.

Photo by Marlpit Lane Bowling Green, used with permission.

Release begins: Croydon teenagers are getting a headstart in lawn bowls in Coulsdon. Youth volunteers from the Headstart scheme are busy at the Coulsdon Memorial Ground, helping the FMLBG to run the park’s public bowling green.

Headstart provides young people with opportunities to get involved with their local community. At the bowling green, run by the FMLBG community group, Headstart’s volunteers are helping to run events, keep the bowling green open to the public, and learn a new sport.

“I’m happy that I joined Headstart as it’s something new and enjoyable, especially in good weather,” said Serena, a Headstart volunteer.

“We’re very pleased with Headstart and the volunteers,” said Ruari Armstrong, FMLBG Chairman. “They are always willing to help, very capable, and some of them are getting very good at lawn bowls!”

The volunteers are helping at the weekends, or whenever a few extra hands are needed. The green is expected to open until 11th October this year, so the new volunteers will be a fixture on the green for the coming months.

Release ends.

Release sender: Marlpit Lane Bowling Green



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