Maurice Glasman, director of London Metropolitan University’s Faith and Citizenship programme, speaks in Croydon

By - Tuesday 14th July, 2015

On Tuesday 7th July the Croydon Opportunity and Fairness Commission hosted a meeting with Lord Maurice Glasman on the future of Croydon’s communities. The meeting was held at the community space in Bernard Weatherill House, Mint Walk.

Photo by the Croydon Opportunity and Fairness Commission, used with permission.

Release begins: Lord Glasman is a Life Peer and senior lecturer in Political Theory at London Metropolitan University. He is also Director of the University’s Faith and Citizenship Programme. He has pioneered the development of Community Organising in the UK. An audience of over sixty members of the public, community representatives and Commissioners gathered in the Community Space at Bernard Weatherill House to hear Lord Glasman spell out his ideas for community involvement and his experience of working with communities in New York City.

“Lenin apparently asked ‘What is to be done’. I prefer the Marvin Gaye quote ‘What’s Going On?’ That should be where we start: listening to how people feel about their communities. Bringing people together is the politics of the common good. Politics needs to be about people coming together. Currently, people feel marginalised and powerless. Politics is stuck – and needs a reboot. My mother told me ‘where there is a will there is a way’. I’ve learnt she was wrong. In fact, where there is a ‘way there is a will’. People need to know where to start and then through relationships they can build their own power.”

Stella Fasusi-Olomu, a Commissioner who chaired the meeting said, “It was encouraging to see such a high turnout to hear Lord Glasman. He spoke powerfully and with real passion about how working with communities and developing better relationships can bring about positive and lasting change.”

The Commission want to hear your views about community politics. How do we get people involved? What needs to change? What is your experience of trying to engage and motivate others? Please visit to get involved.

Release ends.

Release sender: Croydon Fairness and Opportunity Commission.



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