New art and design gallery opens in St George’s Walk

By - Monday 16th November, 2015

A second new art and design gallery has opened opposite RISE in Croydon’s Arts Quarter, St George’s Walk.

Photo by Hyper Hyper, used with permission.

Release begins: We are excited to announce the opening of Hyper Hyper, a new Art and Design Gallery at 20 St Georges Walk Croydon.

Art and culture is vital to the fabric of life and yet our town of some 340,000 residents has been starved of a quality cultural offering for decades. Thankfully this situation has really started to change, a change that was ironically kicked off by the riots a few years ago. Croydon was in the news for all of the wrong reasons but at least it made people in authority realise that the residents of Croydon deserved better. Investment and change is happening wherever you look and we are at the beginning of a very exciting positive journey.

We were inspired to open our Gallery as a consequence of the creation of the Croydon Arts Quarter. Rise Gallery was an amazing addition to the town and the street art installations have also made a big difference to attitudes. Matthews Yard, Smooth Bean, the Tech City team and things like the Croydon Citizen are all making a big difference and influencing a cultural swing which is very exciting. All of a sudden you are hearing people talk about Croydon in a positive way. All we need now is a vibrant music scene and the floodgates will open.

As we all know South is the new East, why go to East London when you have so many positive and new things happening down South!

We had a soft opening last week but we are now planning to open six days a week. We have on offer some amazing art and a range of high quality designer gifts that will appeal to the more discerning customer. We are already receiving some very positive feedback and are proud to be offering the people of Croydon something just a little bit different.

If you like art and design Hyper Hyper is the place to go.

Release ends.

Release sender: Hyper Hyper.



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