Pioneering theatre of the insect world to be premiered at Croydon’s Theatre Utopia

By - Monday 15th May, 2017

Terabac theatre company’s play sets out to explore the world of insects, biodiversity and climate change.

Photo by Adam St Clair, used with permission.

Release begins: Terabac is coming to East Croydon, so catch us if you can!

Who are we?

We are a new theatre company started by four women from diverse creative backgrounds. We have been working together for more than a year. Our aim is to use the medium of theatre and in particular cabaret, dance, music, improvisation, new writing and design to create a stunning, intriguing and subversive play for our time, that explores the world of insects, biodiversity and climate change.

Our work is devised by us and like our music, is all original. Our designer uses recycled materials to create wonderful costumes and sets. We are working with two other artists who add the dimensions of dance, movement and mime.

At the end of May 2017 we will be trying out our material in Croydon and Brighton – phase one of our new venture. We then intend to develop the piece further for touring in late 2017 and 2018.

You can catch us at Theatre Utopia, Croydon on 25 and 26 May and then at the beautiful Croydon Ecology Centre (the Heathfield Centre) on 29 May 2017. That’s Bank Holiday Monday and should be a great afternoon out.

Our aim is to reveal something of the amazing world of insects. We want to fascinate you and draw you in to a world that is often ignored. In some, it induces a sense of disgust – flies, spiders, creepy crawlies generally. But what lives they lead!

Some insects are architects, others discovered and used antibiotics long before we did, yet others are farmers and gardeners. Som insects bury dead animals and both male and female burying beetles feed their young. Many insects can fly, which human beings have always longed to do. Some insects migrate long distances in search of food for their offspring. Also many transform completely from the larval stage – as caterpillar or grub – to the fully-grown insect – butterfly or beetle, bee or wasp, dragonfly or mayfly. This has always induced a sense of wonder in human beings.

Insects are also a vital source of food for other insects, birds, animals – and for people, in many parts of the world.

Here in Croydon, you also have an important but endangered insect – the magnificent stag beetle, which is disappearing in many parts of Europe. One of its strongholds is in the southern UK, including Croydon.

So come along to our show, and please send us your own favourite insect story. We will give you the opportunity to write it when yo come to the theatre or the Ecology Centre. Otherwise you can us.

Release ends.

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