New Specialist STEM Academy Announced for East Croydon

By - Thursday 19th June, 2014

A new academy is opening up in the East Croydon / Croydon Gateway area in September 2015 – highlighting the potential for an education quarter in Croydon, with Croydon College and an office of Trinity College London nearby. It follows the opening of a similar venture by the STEM Academy Education Trust near ‘Silicon Roundabout’ last year.

Looking over the Croydon Gateway site, where the new academy could be located, towards East Croydon station.
Photo by Clive Darra, used under Creative Commons license.

Release begins: The Department for Education has today announced that a brand new 16-19 academy specialising in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) subjects will be opening in London Borough of Croydon in September 2015. Located in South London’s most populous borough, STEM Academy Croydon Gateway, will offer a unique academic and vocational opportunity to students with a passion for STEM subjects from local communities in Croydon, as well as those from across the South London area.

The Academy will be launched by the STEM Academy Education Trust, who in 2013 opened STEM Academy Tech City, located just off Tech City’s Silicon Roundabout in East London. After just one year, STEM Academy Tech City has proven itself to be an established and successful Academy in the local community and is currently over subscribed for the 2014 intake – demonstrating the evident need for specialist STEM institutions in London.

STEM Academy Education Trust is responding to the current need to maximise the prospects of students who have an aptitude for STEM in Croydon. Creating the next generation of expertise in the UK’s workforce will also be a key part of STEM Academy Croydon Gateway’s ambition and all students will therefore be enrolled onto the Academy’s ‘Career First’ programme, a work simulation programme through which students will undertake work-focused, project-based learning activities and have the opportunity to pursue entrepreneurial ventures, including school enterprises, providing an insight into the functioning of companies and the duties of business.

Virginie Ramond, (Project Lead) said, “We are delighted to be opening STEM Academy Croydon Gateway and are dedicated to increasing the diversity and number of young people who are able to access high quality and specialist education and training in the areas of science, technology, engineering and maths which are proven growth sectors for future careers and business start-ups.  We will offer a truly innovative and distinctive curriculum to students with a passion for STEM subjects.”

Tony Sewell, Chair of Governors said, “We in the UK are currently facing a critical skills shortage in all STEM industry areas, with the growth of the Tech Cities in East London and Croydon simply increasing the demand for a workforce trained in STEM subjects. STEM Academy Croydon Gateway will therefore aim to inspire young students in these subjects and meet this skills deficit by creating life chances and life-long careers in STEM related industries.”

The STEM Academy Education Trust will utilise its strong links with STEM-sector corporate companies to give students direct access to industry. The Academy will also form an ‘Advisory Board’ made up of industry professionals that will actively support the work of STEM Academy Croydon Gateway.

Facts and figures:

  • The Academy will welcome its first 230 students in September 2015. The following year the student population will rise to 460.
  • The Academy will be non-fee paying and state funded.
  • Despite an emphasis on STEM related subjects, the Academy shall also offer the students an opportunity to study a broader curriculum, including modern languages and English Language at A Level.

Release Ends.



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  • Everyman

    how will this conflict with Croydon College’s plans to create a sink school (and idea stolen from ex vp Tamsin Jones if I am not mistaken)?