SilverFit charity scheme helps Croydon’s seniors get active

By - Thursday 8th January, 2015

Silverfit has recently launched its newest fun and fitness sessions: Crystal Palace Silver Tuesday at Cadence Performance Centre. This builds on the success of Silverfit fun & fitness sessions for 45+ across London. 

Photo provided by SilverFit and used with permission.

Release begins: Every Tuesday participants can choose from various activities – to get fit on the new Wattbikes at Cadence, take a Pilates class across the road for a gentle introduction to Nordic Walking in Crystal Palace Park, famous for its dinosaurs – all under the guidance of fully qualified instructors.

Local people can attend in the daytime and benefit from not only the fitness opportunity but the camaraderie of being with people at a similar level of fitness who are also neighbours in the area.   Silver Tuesdays has been increasing massively in numbers with dozens of new members as more and more local people sign up as members of the charity. Participants seem to love the affordability, value and the chance to meet a diverse and friendly group. People are particularly enjoying the activities on offer.

Nordic walking  helps both the upper and lower body muscles are worked. The poles also give support and a much more balanced exercise   than ordinary walking. Silverfit also have state of the art Watt Bikes located at the Cadence Performance Centre which offer biometric feedback to the riders with easy adjustable featured for the novics.   At Silverfit the aim is to cater activities towards what will truly benefit the older generation live a healthier lifestyle.  Pilates is available at the sessions which has been proven to increase strength and balance which is especially benefital to senior adults. Many more activities are on offer inclusing Walking Football and Guided Walks.

The charity currently collobarate  with London South Bank University by provided fitness trainers whilst conducting physiological research into the importance of activity in the older generation  The founder Eddie Brocklesby founded the charity just over a year ago and already have over three branches and now due to the success to this addition the charity is expanding into the borough of Lambeth early next year. The next branch will be located in Brockwell Park in Janurary 2015.

The cost is only £1.00 a session to Silverfit members (annual membership £5.00) or £2.50 a session to non-members.  Here is a three minutes short videos that sums up what Silverfit is all about:  Any questions please call Jo on 07721 419 518  E-mail: or   Tweet us @silverfitorg.

Release ends.

Release provider: Croydon Council.



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  • PolarDog

    For those not able to get to Crystal Palace there is a similar class run by Body Harmony in Addiscombe on Tuesday mornings. Details at:

  • Stephen Giles

    Seniors – 45+??? Absolute rubbish, a more appropriate definition might be 75+.

  • Anne Giles

    45 year olds are middle aged, not senior or silver, actually.

  • Silverfit

    Hi there, yes many people do not agree that 45 is classed as Silver but
    we wanted the organisation to reach a multiple of ages and were requested a
    number of times to lower the age. We believe it’s a great thing when people of different ages work out
    together, even if some are 45 and others are 75 and truly hope people are not

  • catherine

    Thanks to all who read this and took the time to comment. As well as managing the Crystal Palace Silverfit group, I teach Business and it is really tricky this branding stuff! Being fit for purpose here is the goal.

    Our challenge – How do you reach easily the target group of sedentary or injured mature people who don’t necessarily think of themselves as exercisers but might like to try if they could manage and not feel bad/shamed at a class? and how do you not put them off by sounding too dynamic? The Silverfit brand suggests it is for slightly older people and that perhaps it might not be too taxing. We actually have a real mix coming including some amazing athletes using the Wattbikes especially, which you can set according to the level you need, but our target market for the charity is the less experienced or confident exerciser.

    Our founder is a UK champion Triathlete and is far more fit at 71 than I am at 52. The branding speaks to me as I am from the target group or was originally. BTW I have been rocking the silver fox look (I like to think!) since late 40s. Overall this branding, however uncomfortably it sits, does seem to reach some of the people we need it to.

    I would love to hear your other suggestions though – what do you think you have responded to in the past? (if you fit our target group). What do you think would reach our target market well? Thanks in advance!

    This is a great debate and I welcome your further comments as this is such a crucial area to get right just so we do reach those who need us most.