Skycasts: Croydon-based counselling service offers innovative youth mental health workshops

By - Tuesday 5th May, 2015

Off the Record Youth Counselling, a service based in Croydon, has launched a new series of free and interactive online workshops called SkyCasts.  These innovative SkyCasts will harness new technologies, shifting young people’s mental health support from psychiatric wards and clinical services in to a dynamic interactive online space. 

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Release begins: SkyCasts will be available for all young people aged 14-25 who live, work or study in the Croydon or Sutton area. Sessions will cover a range of key issues facing young people, such as coping with exam stress, dealing with depression, understanding drug and alcohol misuse as well as tackling self-harm.

A new website has been launched, which will provide young people with the opportunity to come together to discuss these issues, offering practical help and information as well as discussing coping strategies and other useful resources.


The SkyCast launch coincides with the recent ‘Future in Mind’ report produced last month by the Children and Young People’s Mental Health & Wellbeing Taskforce.  This report highlights that there is a crisis in young people mental health, with extensive waiting lists, complex referral processes and a lack of flexibility in the way that current services are being offered creating a huge barrier to young people accessing vital support.

SkyCasts offers a radical local solution to this urgent problem.  The service is simple, there are no waiting lists, no referral pathways and young people can access the sessions on their own terms and in their own way.  They can attend the sessions live in the evenings, at a time that suits their needs.  Alternatively they can still access the resources from the session from the resource library afterwards.

Karen Stott, the agency’s director, said “The ‘Future in Mind’ report highlights the need for easy and trustworthy mental health support for Children and Young People.  Off the Record has been supporting local young people for over twenty-one years through a broad range of flexible, non-stigmatising, user-friendly services.  As we look towards the future of young people’s mental health, we anticipate technology playing a transformative role in the delivery of our services.  SkyCasts is an exciting start on this online adventure”.

 Release ends.

Release sender: Off The Record.



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