StickyWorld website seeks to involve Croydon residents in regeneration debate

By - Thursday 6th August, 2015

The website Sticky World, recently launched to allow anyone to create a virtual map where discussion about a topic that concerns directly a large number of people can take place, is being brought to the population of Croydon. 

Image by Rossella Scalia, used with permission.

Release begins: Croydon’s regeneration plan has aroused and continues to arouse controversy, draws the attention of the community but does not involve it and leaves decisions and explanations out of the public sphere.

The website Sticky World has been recently launched to allow anyone to create a virtual map where everybody may stick comments, videos or photos in form of notes in order to begin a discussion about a topic that concerns directly a large number of people. What is possible to trigger with such a tool is an online participatory process that by building a space defined room invites participants to sit in a virtual meeting, one of those that should be organised during the design process, especially if the scale of the project determines changes that deeply influence the lives of many citizens.

In Croydon such a process has not occurred; decisions have been taken with no consultation thus the city has tacitly accepted its own destiny. A map of Croydon has been recently posted on the Sticky World website so as to let anyone interested in expressing an opinion on the process of regeneration to upload a comment and enrich a dialogue started in the hope of gathering thoughts and ideas about what is happening in the borough.

Participatory processes should involve citizens during the design creation stage and not when the project is already under construction. Such processes should not be reduced to informative sessions where citizens may only listen what has already been decided from above but, with a collective effort, new forms of engagement might be discovered and an active debate may finally give life to a voice, the citizens’ voice. Participating means to elaborate a reflective thought, listen to other voices and build a consensus that comes from interaction rather than acceptance.

The platform created on Sticky World is the beginning of a critical thought that wishes to discover other opinions and reflections in order to become a real discourse on Croydon. Just follow the link and give voice to your thoughts as the voice of every citizen counts.

Release ends.

Release sender: Rossella Scalia



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