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By - Monday 30th July, 2018

World Humanitarian Drive, a local charity, held a seminar in June to promote peace and wellbeing in the borough.

Photo by WHD, used with permission.

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World Humanitarian Drive (WHD), a local Croydon charity striving for humanity, conducted a seminar called ‘Giving Hope to the Community’ recently at Haselmere Hall, Thornton Heath. A local audience were able to hear various professional speakers offer advice and guidance in the form of a panel discussion with questions and answers once each speaker had explained their area of expertise. All speakers had roles relating to issues in the Croydon area – and the UK – which WHD aim to support.

These included lawyers from Raj Law Practice, relating to human rights, crime and prevention and supporting those who come to crime by giving them options. The practice offers advice in human rights and domestic abuse cases and aims to make life and the legal system easier for those that need it.

Dr H.M. Mahroof, CEO of Hayati Life Care UK and president of WHD, talked about the importance of health and wellbeing in the world and how various charities were aiming to eliminate pain and disease, as well as provide safe water, and how as humans we are all connected and can work together in promoting humanitarian work around the world, especially via social media.

Former mayor and current Croydon councillor Mrs Manju Shahul Hameed also talked about social media and promoting humanitarian work, but also gave some interesting details about the council’s work. She said she would also help those genuine immigration applicants with a letter from the local MP to the Home Office in addition to always supporting WHD with other community events.

Mr Mbeko Sihwa, an lawyer from Duncan Lewis Solicitors, talked extensively about immigration and the UK position in relation to Europe, new laws and – of course – Brexit.

Shri. A.S. Rajan, minister coordinator from the Indian High Commission, spoke about Indian values and was able to answer specific Indian immigration-related questions and offers support individually regarding repatriation issues and extended his help from the Indian High Commission through WHD.

WHD member Kennedy Arthur gave his own personal experience of coming to the UK and the difficulties he experienced with immigration and how he was able to overcome it.

Robin Marsh, the Secretary General of Universal Peace Federation UK, gave an overview of peace as a global concern and the universal principles of religion and how we can work together with our common interfaith values to enjoy peace and prosperity. He also spoke about understanding the sensitivities of different cultures to create a sense of being in one family. Often conflict comes from misunderstanding, and talking is the only way forward for people to connect.

Dr Mahroof and WHD Chairman Abdul Basit presented Dale Hanson-Byatt, a Croydon and Sutton-based youth sports coach, the WHD award for ‘Enhancing Youth Sports Skills’. Founder of WHD Abdul Basit, himself a recognised Ambassador For Peace, along with Robin Marsh, presented Manju Shahul-Hameed with the WHD’s ‘Community Services Award’ for her hard work in serving the Croydon community for the last fifteen years.

Photo by WHD, used with permission.

In addition to this, Mr Manavai Mustafa was awarded a posthumous WHD ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ By Shri A.S. Rajan for his positive contribution to scientific Tamil, which was accepted by his son Semmal Mustafa on the night.

Executive WHD member Jayanthi Chandrasekaran extended grateful thanks to honoured guest speakers who have had given up their time and were willing to share their expertise and experience with all who attended WHD has made huge strides to root out extremism in the local area through peaceful means. They have made important links with Faith Leaders, other charities, and Government Organizations across the world, to combat Violence, Extremism, and Radicalization and to Promote Peace through Education, Sports, Arts and Media and instil humanistic values in our community, particularly amongst the youth who are the most vulnerable. If you think WHD can help you then please contact them: with details of your issue or concern.

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