Students to help preserve historic train

By - Friday 21st November, 2014

The Merchant Navy Locomotive Society – which maintains the train that pulls the Orient Express – gave five engineering students from Croydon College a very special work experience to work on the Battersea-based ‘Clan Line’ steam train.

Photo used with permission.

Release sender: Five Croydon College engineering students were on track for a new experience – when they visited the Battersea-based steam engine, the Clan Line, for the first time.

Their visit gave them a chance to see if working to maintain a historic locomotive is something they would be interested in.

The second year students will be working with the Merchant Navy Locomotive Society (MNLS) – the society which maintains the locomotive that pulls the world-famous Orient Express.

They have the opportunity over several months to volunteer at the society’s Battersea yard, helping with historical preservation as well as learning new engineering skills.

Student George Iriabe said: “I enjoyed my trip to see the Clan Line learn about its history and how it’s been preserved to this very day. I really believe volunteering with the society will help make a difference in my career and the continuous preservation of the Clan Line.”

Another engineering student, Shola Ogunlade agrees, he said: “It was one of best trips I have ever experienced. It was so interesting to see how a steam railway works… I would recommend any engineering student to participate in this programme, I know it will greatly enhance my skills and understanding.

“I am relishing the opportunity to be part of the company.”

Ed Tough, engineering team leader at the college said:”This has been a fantastic experience, giving students a real taste of heavy engineering.”

The five are all hoping to go on to university after finishing their Croydon course.

Anyone who wants to know more about the engineering courses available at Croydon College, should visit the website or call 020 8760 5914.

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  • Stephen Giles

    What a wonderful experience for these students. This type of locomotive was state of the art “tech” when it was built in 1948!