Traditional hustings, Speakers’ Corner-style, to take place in Croydon town centre on Saturday 25th April

By - Wednesday 22nd April, 2015

Croydon is to host a ‘people’s hustings’, intended to revive the tradition of open-air, face-to-face engagement between politicians and public at election time.

Speakers’ Corner, Hyde Park, central London.
Photo by Cory Doctorow, used under Creative Commons licence.

Release begins: The People’s Hustings,which is being organised by the Croydon Speakers’ Corner Committee, will take place in North End outside Marks & Spencer at 11:30am on Saturday 25th April 2015 and will give Croydon Central Parliamentary candidates the opportunity to revive the traditional hustings by addressing local people from a platform in the Croydon town centre.

But the hustings goes an important step further by enabling the public rather than the politicians to set the agenda. A range of voluntary groups, including Croydon BME Forum and the Older People’s Network will be setting out their priorities for the next government before the candidates are asked to respond to what they have heard and members of the public are invited to join the debate. The Labour, Liberal Democrat, Green and UKIP candidates for Croydon Central have all confirmed that they will be participating. The event will be chaired by Nicholas Hitchens, Assistant Editor at the Croydon Guardian.

Speaking about the initiative, Stella Fasusi, Project Coordinator and Secretary of the Croydon Speakers’ Corner Committee, said:

“In an age where communication is mostly electronic and online, useful and brilliant as it is, nothing beats face to face participation. It is the best way to connect with people which is why traditional open air hustings, where politicians and public can engage with each other face to face is important.

“Our People’s Hustings gives local people the platform, with the politicians responding to the public’s priorities rather than simply performing their own well-rehearsed speeches. This is democracy as it should be, raw, spontaneous and above all accessible to everyone’.

Release ends.

Release sender: Speakers’ Corner Croydon.



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  • cpmatthews

    I really hope that the crowd who are attracted to this are open minded, genuinely curious folk – not political pointists or those with agendas to promote

    • Anne Giles

      Probably not. There has been a lot of nastiness lately and it is those who will almost certainly be there.