Trinity School in Shirley joins nationwide campaign against homophobia in sport

By - Tuesday 24th May, 2016

Croydon school joins Stonewall campaign to change attitudes to sexuality in sport.

Photo by Trinity School Shirley, used with permission.

Release begins: Homophobia still remains a huge problem in many sports, with fear of abuse and discrimination putting many people off taking part, or even watching sport. Because they believe that it is important for all people to feel included and accepted, Trinity School sports staff and pupils are challenging homophobia in sport and raising awareness of the issue by wearing a pair of bright rainbow-coloured laces in their trainers.

This is all part of an initiative called the Rainbow Laces campaign, implemented by the charity Stonewall which campaigns for the equality of gay, lesbian, bi and trans people across Britain, in order to tackle homophobia by “standing together to change attitudes in sport”. The campaign has been a great success at Trinity. It originally started as an initiative for staff but quickly spread to the students as they showed huge interest in the colourful laces and the values they stood for.

The support of the campaign from the student body has been overwhelmingly positive, with over 100 pairs selling out within 20 minutes on the first day. Over 200 pairs of the rainbow laces have now been sold for students to wear in their trainers during sporting fixtures and games lessons raising a total of over £500.

Holroyd Howe, the school catering firm, also joined in by baking and selling 428 cakes and 96 rainbow puddings over the course of the week, helping to raise awareness in conjunction with the rainbow laces. Sam Schofield, a member of the Trinity’s sports staff who helped initiate the campaign said: “The Rainbow Laces campaign at Trinity has been a great success, initially supported by PE staff and then by pupils and academic staff. It has raised awareness about homophobia in sport, but also in day-to-day life. The support has been brilliant and in fact a 100 sets of laces were sold in the first 20 minutes they were on sale! Thank you to everyone who took part”.

Release ends.

Release sender: Trinity School.



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