TURF projects announces second exhibition in its town centre gallery space

By - Friday 10th July, 2015

Turf Projects will host Business as Usual for this, the second exhibition to be presented within its Keeley Road gallery space.

Image by TURF Projects, used with permission.

Release begins: Organised by Perce Jerrom and with an accompanying text from Louise Chignac, Business as Usual features over one hundred artists in a show where instead of their artworks it is the artists’ networking practices that are brought to the fore.

Taking the artist’s business card as its focus, the show considers the very real tensions existing between an artist’s creative practice and their activities to market themselves and carve out a living from their work.

Both the exhibition and text enquire into the role of the artist via the relative significance of the business card as a medium of communication, the continuing involvement of these physical paper tokens seeming perhaps incongruous within an increasingly digitized environment. As the business card remains an important and telling aspect of how artists market themselves (often placed beside their work in exhibitions and self-consciously handed out to worthwhile contacts) the context of Business as Usual stretches far beyond the cards’ material presence. The endless possibilities of the business card’s physical appearance might be seen to represent something of the artist’s intentions, and yet it is in the instances within which the card is presented that the opportunities they facilitate are perhaps more significantly realised.

Involving over one hundred London and UK-based artists, the show invites necessary conversation around how artists work to stand out in today’s art world. Dealing with how the apparent what-you-do/who-you-know dilemma is played out in reality, it further asks questions about what, or indeed who it is, that defines and makes for success in an artist’s career.

Turf Projects are a non-profit organisation based in Croydon, South London, working to support the development of artists, curators and the public through free exhibitions, workshops and events.

Business as Usual is presented within Turf Projects recently launched workshop and exhibition space in Keeley Road, Croydon, which opened in May 2015. The exhibition and events were made possible with the generous support of Mayor of London & Centrale Shopping Centre Croydon.

Perce Jerrom is a London-based artist whose recent group exhibitions include Life Hacker at Platform 1 Gallery (London 2014) and Time Pieces at the Rogue Project Space (Manchester 2014).

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Release sender: TURF Projects.




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