Upcycling Cardboard with Lives Not Knives, on Saturday 20th June: an event for London Technology Week

By - Tuesday 16th June, 2015

Croydon-based charity Lives Not Knives is hosting an event for London Technology Week. Upcycling Cardboard, to held on Saturday 20th June, aims to bring technology and cardboard together in creative ways for all to enjoy. 

Image by LNK, used with permission.

Release begins: Google has kindly sent us some Google cardboard virtual reality goggles – we have tested these out in the LNK unit and they are definitely lots of fun and an experience not to be missed.

We welcome everyone from 1-100 years old and please remember to bring a mobile phone and a magnifying glass to take part and enjoy the event: mobile phone for use with the virtual reality googles, and a magnifying glass to make a projector.

You can register here. Please do this as soon as possible to secure your place. Please feel free to come back with any questions. If 1-17 years, a parental signature will be needed on the media consent form attached. Please bring the signed form and hand in at Reception on the day.   Under 18s are free:  for adults a minimum donation of £3 will be required on signing in.

Workshops will be on a first come first served basis and you can sign up directly with the workshops after you have signed in on the day. However, if all the workshop places are taken, you will be able to stand, watch and learn. The guys will also help you with any questions.

Looking forward to seeing you all in the LNK unit in Centrale Shopping Centre.

Release ends.

Release sender: Lives Not Knives.



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