Young Opportunity and Fairness Commission launches

By - Friday 24th April, 2015

The Croydon Opportunity and Fairness Commission’s partner group, run by young people for young people, met for the first time on Monday 20th April at Croydon College.

Photo by the Opportunity and Fairness Commission, used with permission.

Release begins. Eleven young people from across the borough met to set the ball rolling for the Young Opportunity and Fairness Commission (YOFC). They discussed their views of Croydon as a place for young people, and met members of the main Commission.

The meeting heard a wealth of views from young people in a variety of different situations. The ages of those in attendance ranged from 12-24, including current school, college and university students, as well as those in the early stages of their working life. One of the first priorities discussed at the meeting was how the YOFC might look to engage other young people to make sure as many young voices as possible are heard by the Opportunity and Fairness Commission.

Clevan Johnson, one of the young people at the meeting, said: “I thought the meeting was very enlightening, to hear the views of young people in Croydon and their real concerns about life in Croydon for themselves and others.”

The Young Commissioners will have their own meetings and action plan to focus on issues facing young people, and will help to direct engagement focused on young people. They will also meet with main Commissioners regularly to feed back what they have found and representatives of the YOFC will be invited to attend main Commission meetings.

If you (or someone you know) are aged 11-24, live in Croydon and would like to be a Young Commissioner, but couldn’t make it to the first meeting, please let the team know by emailing or calling 0800 612 2182.

Release ends.

Release sender: Croydon Opportunity and Fairness Commission.



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  • Francis Uwagboe

    I was at the first meeting at Croydon College and it was very inspiring to see other young individuals showing enthusiasm on getting their voice and that of other young persons heard. Croydon is a beautiful place, we can make it even more beautiful by first making it fair and to archive this, we have to be fair to ourselves and others first.