Croydon is ready for the future with Cyman, the digital butler

By - Tuesday 20th May, 2014

Ugochi Anomelechi introduces his new app Cyman, which aims to manage our multitude of social media distractions

Ugochi Anomelechi

Ugochi Anomelechi, the Cyman System creator

The “internet of things” is upon us. Everything around us is becoming smarter – from our phones, to watches, glasses, washing machines, thermostats. Even smart toilets have been susceptible to being hacked via Bluetooth! 

In this day and age, we are already bombarded with push notifications from all kinds of services, whether they be from social networks, weather apps, or news feeds. We have so much information from our smart devices and it’s only going to increase in the future.

Imagine, if we had just one more smart entity to manage them all? A conversational digital butler, at your beck and call. Something that knows you and how you operate, giving you the right information at the right time. Perhaps the same entity can manage security, and turn appliances on and off in your home for you, when you ask for it.

When you wake up, you may want to hear the weather for the day, particular news topics, some motivational quotes, or perhaps play music of your choice. Perhaps you want to be reminded to take your gym kit before heading off to work, or you want to quickly and easily know the quickest way to get somewhere by public transport just by asking.

How can a digital butler such as Cyman be the Alfred to our Bruce Wayne, or the KITT to our Michael Knight?

Cyman could just be that digital butler you will need. It sounds like something out of science fiction. Human-like artificial intelligence has been portrayed in various movies, notably Iron Man’s JARVIS assistant. In Marvel’s popular Iron Man movies, JARVIS assists Tony Stark with his home, his life and building his armour – perhaps that is looking a little further in our future!

Back to the present, how can a digital butler such as Cyman be the Alfred to our Bruce Wayne, or the KITT to our Michael Knight? Let’s paint a picture. It’s Friday, and it’s approaching 5pm. Your butler tells you: “Sorry to interrupt sir, you have a reminder to meet your girlfriend outside Tiger Tiger”. Just as a smile replaces your work-inflicted frown, you realise you haven’t booked cinema tickets yet. Asking your butler to find the details of the Vue cinema in Grants, Croydon followed up with asking him (or her) to call that number would help you rectify that without having to break your stride. Just for good measure, you could then ask him to plan your journey to make sure you’re on time.

There are several voice assistants available these days. Google Voice has been around for years, but Apple’s Siri arguably brought voice assistants into the public spotlight first. Microsoft has more recently entered the fray with Cortana for their Windows Phone devices.

But an omnipresent digital assistant available to you on your PC at home, on the web and on your mobile device is something that is not out of Croydon’s grasp. Why Croydon? I fully endorse Jonny Rose’s vision to see Croydon’s image transformed into that of a technology powerhouse to rival Silicon Valley in Old Street. So what better assistance could Croydon have than a digital butler like Cyman, online and ready for the future!

Drop into the next Croydon Tech City event at 7:30pm 22nd May to find out more!

Ugochi Anomelechi

I am an enthusiastic, motivated and friendly individual with nine years experience in software development. In my spare time, I have been developing a digital life assistant called the Cyman System ( A conversational software tool designed to help organise yourself, automate tasks, find information, and eventually connect to your home. Additionally, I maintain a blog "Musings of a Technophile" where I discuss and explain emerging technologies which interest me. The audience it is aimed at is both technical and non-technical persons. You can catch me on Google Plus to follow my interests in music, technology and movies.

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  • Christopher Carr

    “Google Voice has been around for years, but Apple’s Siri arguably brought voice assistants into the public spotlight first.”

    “Google Voice” is a different service — not Google Now/Voice Search.

    • Cyman/Jarvis System

      Google Voice in the article refers to Google’s voice search, not their “voicemail transcript” service Google Voice.