#Croydon #TechCity startup @WeAreTheMillion launches in partnership with @thecronxbrewery

By - Friday 14th June, 2013


Sarah Akwisombe of The Glam Collective (and formely pseudo-grime MC Goldilocks) has launched new venture ‘We Are The Million’ – a crowd-funding platform – in conjunction with Participle, a UK social enterprise network.

When I spoke to her back in April, Akwisombe described WATM as:

A new movement to help small business owners raise funds and create new employment opportunities for the local community.
At the time, Akwisombe was  looking for 10 forward thinking South London business owners who would be interested in running a crowdfunding campaign with her to raise funds for a new project and create a new job for someone.

Yesterday, it became apparent that local brewery ‘The Cronx Brewery’had responsed as they are amongst the first wave of local businesses using the platform upon launch:

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In less that 24hrs, The Cronx Brewery has reached 43% of its £1500 goal, and as We Are The Million retains 5% of the funds raised from successful campaigns, plus transaction charges, which are 2.95% + 0.28p per transaction, it looks like that any user of the service will make more than beer money from it!
We Are The Million’s offering comes at an interesting time as more and more social enterprises, businesses and projects utilise community funds to generate revenue.
Croydon hotspot Matthews Yard used crowd-funding leviathan Kickstarter to fund a new studio to “bring independent and community theatre back to Croydon”, in light of harrowing cuts to Croydon’s arts, theatre and dusty crockery budget.
WATM is also in direct competition with Help My Cause – a crowd-funding platform developed by Jude Joseph, who presented at Croydon Tech City in April.


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Jonny Rose

Jonny Rose

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  • Ian Marvin

    Just a point of pedantry, but isn’t ‘Help My Cause’ more of a crowdfunding platform for charitable and other not-for-profit entities and individuals? Whereas it seems that WATM is for businesses in general, so the two are not really in direct competition at all!