#Croydon #TechCity Season Launch – Thursday 24th September at 7:30pm @MatthewsYard

By - Monday 21st September, 2015

Jonny Rose announces the star-studded lineup for Croydon Tech City’s autumn launch event

Photo by Fluid4Sight, used with permission.

After a two-month summer recess, Croydon Tech City is back on the scene and reconvening at Matthews Yard to start a new season of tech demos, talks, and shenanigans, as we continue to make Croydon a credible player in the European startup scene.

Don’t forget to register to attend Croydon Tech City’s 2015 Autumn launch event taking place on Thursday 24th September at 7:30pm at Matthews Yard, Croydon.

Tara Benson, CEO of Here & Now

The startup that connects parents and carers with great days out

Tara Benson, Founder of Here & Now.
Photo by Antonio Sanzari, used with permission.

Tara Benson is founder and CEO of Here & Now, a geo-based app which allows parents and carers to make the most of their time with the kids by offering a comprehensive list of family activities in the UK. She is a commercial marketer and entrepreneur with 26 years of experience in tech, consumer brands, publishing and communications, in startups, rapid-growth and established businesses such as Gumtree, PayPal, Mills & Boon and Blackwood Distillers.

Photo by Ray Ansel, used with permission.

Ray Ansel, Founder of Croyative

The online marketplace that matches charities to freelance creative talent

Ray is a Croydon-based entrepreneur who is a regular face to anyone that frequents Croydon’s growing selection of workspaces.

His latest venture is Croyative, an online platform that specialises in connecting charities with creative student and graduate freelancers from across the UK.

Ray will be talking about the highs and lows of his startup journey, how he tests and validates his startup ideas, and what it takes to take a product from the idea stage to MVP. To learn more about Croyative, watch this video.

BBC The Apprentice star, Bianca Miller, Founder of The Be Group

On the fundamentals of entrepreneurship and personal branding

Bianca Miller.
Photo by Sarah Latchmere, used with permission.

After studying Business Management at the University of Sussex, Bianca joined one of the world’s largest management and technology consulting firms as an HR advisor, before moving on to a brief stint in recruitment. In 2012, at the age of 23, Bianca took the leap to launch her own business and her personal branding company, The Be Group, was named as one of the Startups 100 businesses of 2013. In 2014, Bianca graced our screens as part of a cohort of twelve on The Apprentice. Miller’s talk will be about the fundamentals of entrepreneurship and building a business.

This event is sure to be oversubscribed: to register to attend this Thursday’s Croydon Tech City autumn launch, please go here.

Jonny Rose

Jonny Rose

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