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By - Friday 14th March, 2014

Richard Bray shines a light on the borough’s digital scene

Image used with permission from the Digital Croydon website.

As a frequent Croydon Tech City attendant I’m not only impressed by businesses and ideas the speakers have created, but also by the fact that most of them are based right here in Croydon. I think it’s brilliant that the organisers of CTC are somehow able to locate these well hidden entrepreneurs. But it’s a shame that once these events are over their ideas or businesses are more or less forgotten about, unless the speaker makes a regular appearance to the event. So I decided to create Digital Croydon. Well – to be honest, I kind of stole the idea from Made in New York so I won’t take too much credit for it.

What is Digital Croydon?

It is a simple website that displays logos of all the internet-based companies in Croydon (all that I currently know of). The term ‘internet-based encompasses everything from a tech startup to a digital production agency. The site is a good place to see most of the companies that have given talks at Croydon Tech City but its main purpose is to show people of the world – and probably most of the people in Croydon that there are tech companies here, quite a few of them in fact. The site currently has 29 companies listed on it and I’m expecting that number to grow significantly as more organisations come out of the woodwork.

How does one get listed on the site?

I’ve been in the industry for a fews years and have been involved in all kinds of businesses such as tech startups, digital agencies and I’ve even dabbled in some freelance work. I’d like to think I have a fairly good grasp on what qualifies as an internet company from a popular side project and that’s what I’ve based the criteria for Digital Croydon on. I believe it’s to do with whether you make, or have the potential to make money (and therefore have been funded), and the number of registered/interested users you have.

If you are a bedroom web designer and are good enough to get a respectable amount of money for it – then you’re qualified to be on the site. You also qualify if you’ve received money in terms of funding or donations for your internet based company. However if you’ve put a site or app together and aren’t making a decent amount of money from it, or you’ve put an app together with a few friends which has no way of making money and a small number of users then unfortunately you don’t qualify. I know this sounds a bit draconian but feel free to let me know if you disagree with this criteria or know of an organisation that doesn’t qualify but still deserves some sort of recognition.

So with that out of the way, if you think you qualify for the site or know of anyone else who does I would really appreciate it if you dropped me an or a tweet. The more companies we get on the site the more we can show the world how much of a potential technology city Croydon is.

Richard Bray

Richard Bray

A 20 something year old creative based in Croydon who spends time making stuff, usually for the web

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