EVENT: #Croydon #TechCity 2016 Town Hall, Tuesday 21st June at 2pm @CroydonCC #LDNTechWeek

By - Tuesday 14th June, 2016

To coincide with London Technology Week taking place next week, #Croydon #TechCity holds its major ‘Town Hall’ event next Tuesday

Photo by Mike Beecham, used with permission.

In 2016, Croydon stands as London’s fastest growing tech cluster of startup and scale-up businesses – and one of the most thrilling places to be if you are an entrepreneur, technologist or venture capitalist.

The first six months of this year alone has seen the Minister for the Cabinet Office endorse Croydon Tech City as “a blueprint of the future”, the opening of the largest tech hub in South London, and corporates such as The Body Shop and EDF moving to the area. The second half of the year promises to be even more exciting.

London Technology Week takes place this month, and on Tuesday 21st June Croydon Tech City is putting on an all-day extravaganza to shine a spotlight on all that the Croydon tech, business and arts community is doing in the borough – with the main event being a ‘Town Hall’ held in the afternoon at Croydon Conference Centre.

The Croydon Tech City Open Morning (10am–1pm)

Whether you are an investor intending to invest in Croydon, an entrepreneur looking to move to the area, or an interested member of public wanting to learn more about the tech industry on your doorstep, start the day by being part of the CTC Open Morning.

Explore key sites of interest in Croydon Tech City.
Map created by Nigel Dias, used with permission.

Explore the new exciting local workspaces that are springing up, learn more about CTC’s Future Tech City work to create talent pipelines in the borough, and learn where the major tech companies everyone is talking about are based.

Afterwards, you can check out some of the local art landmarks, and have a coffee or lunch in the local cafes or restaurants that are becoming a mainstay for the employers and employees in the “Silicon Valley of South London”.

To sign up for the Croydon Tech City Open Morning, please go here.

The Croydon Tech City Town Hall (2pm–5pm)

Photo by Fluid4Sight, used with permission.

Join over two hundred delegates (software developers, tech business owners, local government, VCs, incoming corporates, and more) at Croydon Conference Centre for an afternoon to celebrate the efforts of the community and chart the past, current and future aspirations of the Croydon Tech City movement.

This will be an instructive afternoon to explain what Croydon as a tech city will look like in the next few years, and will be comprised of a series of presentations from the Croydon Tech City management team and a selection of local tech startups, workspace owners, arts/culture, community and Croydon Council figures.

To sign up for the Croydon Tech City Town Hall, please go here.

The Croydon Tech City ‘After party’ (6pm onwards)

In partnership with Beats & Eats and Lost Format Society – and with the support of Natterbox, Bryden Johnson, Kilburn and Strode, Nigel Dias and Paul Barnett – the Croydon Tech City community will take over the Fairfield Halls NCP Car Park (site of Croydon’s popular rooftop cinema) for food and music acts including DJ Jimmy Plates, CoffeePotDrive and All The People.

Photo by Lost Format Society, used with permission.

This is an excellent opportunity for those of you who can’t join us for the Town Hall event to network and meet with local tech companies, corporates and investors.

To sign up for the Croydon Tech City after party, please go here.

Jonny Rose

Jonny Rose

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