EVENT: #Croydon #TechCity ‘meet the workspaces’ special – Thursday 18th February at 7pm @ProjectBCroydon

By - Wednesday 17th February, 2016

Jonny Rose presents a sneak peek at the schedule for this week’s #Croydon #TechCity event

Photo by Fluid4Sight, used with permission.

After last month’s three hundred-strong turnout at the January 2016 launch event with the Minister for the Cabinet Office, Croydon Tech City is back to normal and reconvening to start a new season of tech demos, talks, and shenanigans, as we continue to make Croydon a credible player in the European startup scene.

This month is a special ‘meet the workspaces’ edition, where attendees will get to hear from the founders of the various tech hubs opening around Croydon this year.

To register to attend this month’s Croydon Tech City event, please go here.

Meet The Workspaces

Learn more about the tech hubs around Croydon

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This year will see a variety of cool workspaces, incubators, and accelerators (or “hubs”) opening up to house and nurture Croydon Tech City’s homegrown and incoming tech startups. Each of these private ventures bring a unique value to Croydon’s tech ecosystem and will help support the CTC organisation’s work in helping to attract new talent to the borough.

In central Croydon alone, there will soon be at least five hubs where entrepreneurs can take up residence. Hear each of the founders explain the vision for their workspaces and pitch to you – yes, you – about why you should choose their building.

Joyce Veheary, Founder of Lend & Tend

How I went from idea to startup in under a year

Photo by Joyce Veheary, used with permission.

Lend & Tend is a new online marketplace created by Coulsdon flat-dweller Joyce Veheary, who – lacking her own garden space – was inspired to create a site which allowed those who own a garden to match it with people who wish to have access to a garden.

Joyce is a Croydon Tech City stalwart who will talk about how CTC helped her get started on her tech journey and all the lessons she has learnt on the way.

To register to attend this week’s Croydon Tech City event at Project B, please go here.

Jonny Rose

Jonny Rose

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