EVENT: #Croydon #TechCity – Thursday December 19th 7:30pm @MatthewsYard

By - Sunday 15th December, 2013

It’s that time of the month again when Croydon’s tech scene comes out to play at Matthews Yard and learn from local tech. #Croydon #TechCity leader Jonny Rose takes us through the event line-up


Everyone is welcome – you don’t need to be a business owner or computer-lover to enjoy this!

DEMO: Steve Motakef and Hercules Fisherman - founders of 3DScanbot

The two men bringing the 3D print revolution to Croydon

Steve Motakef (right) builds a 3D model of a seated couple.

3DScanbot is a hardware tool and software application built by Steve Motakef and his artist friend, the brilliantly-named Hercules Fisherman!

The duo and a small supportive team tour with the equipment to make 3D fun and accessible to all ages, and will be speaking to us about the world of 3D printing and all the cool innovations that are emerging from the 3D print industry.

Most importantly, the 3D scanning tool will be available for you to try out on the night!

Andrew Brackin – Founder of Spot

“My new life working out of Silicon Valley and Croydon Tech City”

Andrew Brackin is a 19 year old tech entrepreneur from Warlingham who made the headlines earlier this year as the only British entrant into the Thiel Fellowship in San Francisco.

As one of the ‘Twenty under 20′ at the foundation for gifted young entrepreneurs, Andrew is able to work his ideas. Andrew’s latest product is Spot – a new way to discover and book available parking spaces in your vicinity.

DEMO: David Batey – creator of Nickelled

“Making it easier for marketers to build website demos”

David Batey of Nickelled

David Batey is a South London software developer who was previously at Shutl (when it was acquired by eBay) - a UK startup that solves fulfilment for retailers and shoppers by enabling immediate or convenient delivery of online goods.

His experiences at the well-known startup has given him the impetus to launch out on his own, with a new product he is currently developing called ‘Nickelled’.

David hopes Nickelled will make it easier for marketers to build website demos that make the consumer browsing experience easier.

To reserve your place at December’s #Croydon #TechCity event on Thursday December 19th 7:30pm at Matthews Yard, make sure you sign up now on Facebook or  to confirm your attendance.

Croydon Tech City FTW.

Jonny Rose

Jonny Rose

Jonny Rose is a committed Christian who has lived in the Croydon area for nearly twenty years. He is an active participant in his local community, serving at Grace Vineyard Church and organising Purley Breakfast Club, and was ranked "Croydon's 37th most powerful person" by the Croydon Advertiser (much to his amusement). He owns a lead generation company. He is the Head of Content at marketing technology company Idio, the founder of the Croydon Tech City movement, a LinkedIn coach, and creator of Croydon's first fashion label, Croydon Vs The World. Working on Instagram training and a Linkedin lead generation service. Views are his own, but it would be best for all concerned if you shared them. Please send your fanmail to: jonnyrose1 (at) gmail (dot) com

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