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By - Monday 22nd May, 2017

The ‘silicon valley of south London’ returns with all-star tech leaders and innovators in tow

Croydon Tech City in action.
Photo by Rob Wilson/Fluid4Sight, used with permission.

It’s that time of the month again when Croydon’s tech scene comes out to play at and learns from local tech entrepreneurs!

To attend this Thursday’s Croydon Tech City event at Sussex Innovation Centre Croydon (opposite East Croydon Station), please register to attend here.

Dave Foyle, founder of Hozah

The man who wants to turn your car into a debit card

“No cash, no tickets, no frustrating apps”: Hozah is a nifty new technology that is revolutionising how drivers pay to use parking spaces. The software startup allows drivers to connect their licence plate to their debit card, enabling ‘automatic number plate recognition’ cameras to scan the plate and charge the owner when they enter and leave a car park.

Although the initial use case is for parking, Hozah’s vision will ultimately see its technology extend to enabling your car to be used to pay for everything. Come down and hear about local entrepreneur Dave Foyle and his startup’s first six months!

Emem Usanga, founder of the Interactive Design Foundation

How to validate your startup idea in 24-48hrs

Emem Usanga will teach how to validate your idea.
Photo by Emem Usanga, used with permission.

So, you have an idea or are already working on your idea. Great! Unfortunately, most founders do not test their hypothesis before starting the business. Whilst ‘pivoting’ has become a popular phase proudly exhorted by startups who ‘launch fast to fail fast’, the majority have totally missed the point of this concept. User acquisition and user experience specialist Emem Usanga will drop in to teach you how to test the validity of your brilliant idea in 24-48hrs, whether you’re at concept stage or you’ve been grinding for the last year or two.

Mark Pettman, Innovation Manager at Virgin Trains

Want to pitch your technology idea to Virgin? Now’s your chance.

Photo by Mark Pettman, Innovation Manager at Virgin Trains, used with permission.

Mark Pettman heads up the PlatformX accelerator: a five week startup finishing school for entrepreneurs who are building interesting technology that Virgin might buy. No equity is taken, and you retain control over your startup.

Mark will speak about how to work at Virgin, what sort of technologies they are looking to acquire, and what you should know before pitching to a corporation like Virgin. This will be an excellent session for anyone looking to understand how to sell services or products to a large corporation.

To attend this Thursday’s Croydon Tech City event at Sussex Innovation Centre Croydon (opposite East Croydon Station), please register to attend here.

Jonny Rose

Jonny Rose

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