HELP NEEDED: A @CodeClub in every #Croydon primary school by 2015

By - Wednesday 10th April, 2013

Prince Andrew extolling the virtues of Code Club to a receptive audience

There are 95 primary schools in the London borough of Croydon and, unless something changes fast, we will raise a generation of children who are profoundly lacking in the coding skills which will become increasingly necessary for professional and social development over the next decade.

Croydon Tech City: Code Club

Enter Code Club: A nationwide network of free, volunteer-led after-school coding clubs in primary schools for children aged 9-11.

Code Club is already in 580 primary schools across the UK but there are none in Croydon.

To rectify this, Croydon Tech City has created a dedicated Code Club committee (see below) to recruit and train volunteers, as well as liase with primary schools to get Code Clubs into Croydon’s primary schools from Summer Term 2013.

From left to right: Fiona Stewart, Tara Green, Margaret Chevalier, Monique Rebeiro, Ally McKinley and Simon Bird.

The Code Club founding team has an internally set target to see a code club in 25% UK primary schools by 2014 and I’d love it if Croydon could help with the ‘war effort’:

Croydon Tech City – ever one to think big – is aiming to get a Code Club into every Croydon primary school by 2015.  

To make this happen, we need as many software developers (or, moderately computer literate people) who are able to commit to one hour a week to run an after-school (or lunchtime) class for a school term.

The software used to teach Code Clubs is called ‘Scratch’ and is very simple to use. Minimal training is required.

This has to be a community effort and can be done if everyone who reads this (yes, including you) actually does something to contribute.

How you can help:

If the answer to any of the above answers is a resounding “YES!”, then who heads up the Croydon Tech City: Code Club team.

This can’t be done without your help. So please, if you feel you have anything at all to bring to the table, get involved. Let’s change the face of Croydon education forever.

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Croydon Tech City FTW

Jonny Rose

Jonny Rose

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