Introducing… Croydon Tech City community classes for Q1/2

By - Tuesday 24th February, 2015

Jonny Rose unveils the latest stage of #Croydon #TechCity’s plan to educate the borough

Classes for Croydon.
Photo by Jon Lim, used under Creative Commons licence.

The first two years have been all about validating Croydon as a ‘tech city’. Now that we have been globally recognised as such, it’s time for us to become Britain’s best tech city.

There are a lot of ways in which we will be doing this – advising on infrastructure decisions, policy lobbying, encouraging inward investment, etc  – but the chief way that we want to do this is through education.

The key theme of January’s launch with Lord Wei was ‘Tech for the common good’: we don’t just want to create a community that is inward-looking and self-serving we also want to make sure this is something the whole of Croydon can be a part of.

Rather than incubating and accelerating a few choice companies, we are interested in incubating an entire town!

To that effect, I’m pleased to announce that over the next six months, Croydon Tech City is providing free classes for the local community across three distinct streams: startup entrepreneurialism, coding and project management.

Croydon Tech City MBA course

Over six months, you will learn how to validate a business idea, how to write a business plan, how to do branding and digital marketing, how to raise capital to fund your idea and how to protect and patent your intellectual property.

An introduction to coding

Code is the fuel of the digital economy. If you can’t code, you can’t win. In collaboration with Coder Course, Croydon Tech City will be hosting 2.5 hr classes in ‘The Gallery’ in Matthews Yard on the third Sunday of the month where attendees will be taught the web development language Ruby. You will need to bring your own laptop.

Learn Agile/Scrum methodology to organise yourself and teams

It’s all very well understanding how to build a startup and write some code, but if you have no idea how to organise yourself or your team in the rapidly changing demands of startup life then you’ll have problems. Agile and scrum methodology are project management styles that help you to cope and to react quickly to changing business demands.

Croydon Tech City’s community classes will run until July when we will be take our customary two-month summer break.

There is now no excuse not to be a part of Croydon Tech City. To sign up to Croydon Tech City’s community classes, please visit our site.

Jonny Rose

Jonny Rose

Jonny Rose is a committed Christian who has lived in the Croydon area for nearly twenty years. He is an active participant in his local community, serving at Grace Vineyard Church and organising Purley Breakfast Club, and was ranked "Croydon's 37th most powerful person" by the Croydon Advertiser (much to his amusement). He owns a lead generation company. He is the Head of Content at marketing technology company Idio, the founder of the Croydon Tech City movement, a LinkedIn coach, and creator of Croydon's first fashion label, Croydon Vs The World. Working on Instagram training and a Linkedin lead generation service. Views are his own, but it would be best for all concerned if you shared them. Please send your fanmail to: jonnyrose1 (at) gmail (dot) com

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