Meet Adam McCann, MD of Europe’s largest independent video game site

By - Friday 1st November, 2013

Allow Becca Taylor to introduce you to the man behind Pro-G Media – in his head office in Croydon


Through the old arcade on Croydon’s High Street lies one of the borough’s best kept secrets. Behind the glass doors of Howard House is Pro-G Media’s swanky head office, complete with games room and pool table, probably easily missed by the passerby, but the host of one of the UK’s largest video gaming communities.

Adam McCann, Pro-G’s MD, has a lot of be proud of. In just six years he’s transformed a website he built at university into the UK’s most trusted source for gaming content, hired several developers and writers to help expand, and is now looking for the next site Pro-G can launch.

Now, watching the tech community grow through #Croydon #TechCity, Adam is pretty settled with the company here. “Six years ago, there wasn’t the big start-up community in Croydon that there is now, and I’ve only really been made aware of it thanks to initiatives like Tech City. To be honest, it’s become something I wish had existed when I started Pro-G Media! It’s a great initiative, not just for Croydon but for the UK, and it provides great start-up advice for so many.”

Croydon hasn’t been the business’ first home though, as it’s moved with Adam from Brighton, to Greenwich and to Hertfordshire before he found grounding here. “It makes sense for us to be here in Croydon – the rates are better and there’s an easy commute to Central London if we need it, but most of our team come from South London. We have everything we need here in Croydon and we’re encouraged by the thriving tech community – I see no reason to leave.”

Pro-G’s main site is, which last month boasted an incredible 3 million unique users, all passionate gamers looking for reviews, and watching the team’s videos and podcasts. Last month, they also launched Sportra, a site dedicated to the traditional sports games, like Boxing, FIFA, Golf or Madden NFL. “Traditional sports games like that have a huge following and we saw a niche there for a community based around them. The market was ripe and we’ve taken advantage of it.”

Adam thinks the market is better for independent games developers and publishers now than it has been in some time

But that’s not all, as there’s plenty more Adam has up his sleeve. “We’re currently working on a site which is essentially a comprehensive content system across multiple verticals, for example, gaming, movies, technology all uniquely woven with a community layer. It’s about piquing the interest of people who are passionate and keeping them there, showing off achievements in the field and sharing tips and tricks with like-minded people. The idea is one I’ve had for about five years, which is finally coming to fruition thanks to some very talented developers we’ve been able to hire to work on it.”

And Adam thinks the market is better for independent games developers and publishers now than it has been in some time. “It’s still difficult but there are great avenues out there to get your work noticed – Steam is a good example of that.

“For so many gamers, unique gameplay is still a vital part of the experience, so you don’t have to have the best graphics, just a great game. This is so encouraging for indie publishers – take Introversion for example, who had great success with Darwinia despite the graphics not being the final version.”

As the tech scene continues to flourish across Croydon and London, companies that have made it will surely be an inspiration to the start-ups eager to leave their mark across the UK.

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Becca Taylor

Becca Taylor

Becca is a newcomer to South London, currently living in Sutton and working in Purley, as's Head of Marketing. She has a background in politics and journalism, and is slowly learning the ropes in the tech world. A graduate of Swansea University, Becca is also a keen fitness enthusiast and a proud fan of Southampton FC.

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